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  1. It may not be so dire, Larry. I do not have specifics, but at the last merchant's meeting with Brooke Linden, we were led to believe they are taking a hard look at the ratings system among other things. Search issues were discussed as well. I particularly like your first three suggestions.
  2. I am not certain just what Linden Lab means by promising more protection. I know they have to comply with the DMCA as LL is a U.S. based company and the DMCA is the relevant federal statue dealing with the online copyright infringement. I am sensitive to LL's need to protect itself from contributory copyright claims and the DMCA procedure is what allows them to do so. Whether dealing with LL or any U.S. based online service, the DMCA is the legal avenue available to alert an internet provider to IP theft AFTER it is known to have taken place. What is unfortunate is that LL has thus far limited their dealing with this pervasive issue to ONLY advising residents that they can serve DMCA notices. There is no reason in my mind why this should be the case, especially where LL has gained the success it has largely because of its decision to vest in its residents the right to retain ownership of their content. The content has built and driven the grid's success in many ways. As a resident and content creator, I think is unfortunate is LL has taken a stance akin to making Second Life the wild west by not being more proactive to limit theft in the first place. I admit I do not know the technical details, but they and others do, as evidenced by the post above mine. I am sure stopping all theft is impossible and I think we as creators need to recognize it has happened and will continue to happen. But, can it be limited? In the end, I guess what I want to know is LL promising to respond to DMCA notices and AR's for violating the permissions system more quickly and, in the case of the latter, more harshly? Or, are they also promising to take a look at the viewer situation and do something that is proactive?
  3. I cannot repeat enough what has already been said. Search is just not functional right now.
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