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  1. Definitely AR them, OP. It's against ad farm rules for them to be doing that. Everyone has to play by the rules in SL, no matter what. People will always find a way to scam. Thanks for noting this happening.
  2. Slayyyter's probably the only other artist who could pull this off too. Put some barbie SL avatar in one of her videos and glam it up, because she is all about that "perfect" look. Dorian showed how to put SL in your MVs and make it look good and blend seamlessly. I don't think I've seen other musicians attempt this before. I remember when Kim K did it, but she doesn't make music.
  3. I think you can't, but if you look at the rabbit's body and prim head, yeah it is. This is so sad. Dorian's even been doing concerts in Second Life (with Club Cringe) to invite people here. Being attached to an adjacent PC Music hyperpop movement means they've been able to extend Second Life's name and brand to younger people who have never heard of this game, even going so far as to include some machinima in their video. Compounding that by adding Rebecca Black, it's bound to get views for the memes alone. Rebecca even rode in the backseat of a car like in her old "Friday" video! I
  4. Yikes, guys... Dorian's kind of the biggest shoutout this game can get. A few years ago, SL would have been jubilant at this happening. It's so weird to me that Dorian being on Lab Gab got no noise at all and there's just crickets at this video.
  5. That old furry rabbit? Really? That thing's from like, 2007. lol. Plus the old dance it does is a super dead giveaway.
  6. Dorian Electra, a performer featured on Lab Gab recently, has published a new video featuring Rebecca Black and an animated Second Life character. The character features pretty prominently in the middle of the video, zooming right past Black before she begins to sing. I haven't seen anyone talk about this, but that's a pretty big shoutout to SL, so here you go: Dorian (pronouns they/them) is a hyperpop singer who is a chameleon with their appearances. They might look this way in this video, but guaranteed the next era they will look entirely different with a new character.
  7. It really feels like that sometimes in SL, too. You have to look like a too-tanned suburban mom on her way to Applebees on a Tuesday night to get the point across that you're of legal age?? And it's like... Jesus Christ, how bad are some people at telling the ages of folks around here? This is why I feel like a lot of avatars do look like older moms who borrowed their niece's skimpy clothing for the night. I don't want to have to dress that way, honestly.
  8. She's a cutie! Yeah, I could see her being 21. Nowadays her makeup wouldn't be that different and she'd probably wear a boat hat with the dress.
  9. So based on this discussion, I've created a new tag for Flickr and blogs called #21challenge. You all should dress your avatars up to look 21, then upload your pics with that tag, and we can see with enough submissions just what everyone thinks someone of age (drinking and legal) looks like. This will probably give everyone a clearer picture of what's going on with consensus. Here's my entry, based on my impression of the e-girl fashion trend. What does a 21 year old look like to you?
  10. A lot of Millenial users trend younger with our looks. OP's picture to me, is reading as a woman in her mid-twenties. Someone in an older generation is not going to be as familiar with our fashion trends, and say something like "oh you're in your teens". I get it. Each generation has a different idea of what a teen is. Take my pic, for example, in my icon (edited: put in another pic for reference). Some people would say I look like a teenager. My avatar is almost six feet tall! She has extra height on her, but she has larger eyes because I like my avatars to be inspired by anime. My husba
  11. I'm not white, friend. I'm black! Everything you mentioned, I know. The world is trash. I was imbued with the awareness of how terrible it truly is, just by growing up. Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to be concerned about many things--the thing you see me pursue here doesn't imply I'm apathetic about anything else. I appreciate you attempting to educate someone like this, but we come from all walks of life here. Just wanted to address that even though it's been a minute. Thanks!
  12. Years ago, I started noticing a trend with SL and prepared any dev stuff I had done for a portfolio. I invested some time into a side career, aggressively pursuing work there.. and now I have some work away from SL that is my own. Because things can go either way, I suggest anyone who makes things in Second Life to get their portfolio together. Tech is changing and these games are all fighting for customers. Change will come again as new virtual worlds arrive (which they will, this year or next). You need to be ready to weather that storm. You don't need to leave SL for this, just have yo
  13. It can be hard to talk about prejudice and racism. Some people won't react with acceptance of this right away. You'll notice a typical response at first that's incredulous, angry, and trying to blame the source of what brought the subject out into the open (most often, a person trying to talk to you about it). It's usually a first step for that person's journey to changing. So if some people don't accept this now, don't worry. You sowed the seeds. They'll take root at some point later on. Also, please take care of yourselves. This subject can be emotionally draining. Self-care is nec
  14. I should probably step in and make a clarification and statement. Not giving that Youtuber views, but by the title... You don't have to support BLM the group through donations or anything, in order to agree with the statement "Black lives matter". If you tell someone "I don't support Black Lives Matter", you should clarify you mean the group and that you, of course, are not disagreeing with the sentiment that black lives matter. That's just the name of the group. There are other groups doing the same thing that you can support. What else can you do if you don't want to march or
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