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  1. Exactly what does it benefit the Bellisseria resident to start attacking the land baron? Does your right hand attack the left?
  2. Oh, yes--if you decide to go the VR route in developing interactive art experiences, Oculus Quill is another great piece of software (works with PC VR headsets though, it's graphics-heavy). Some of the stuff people are creating with this looks worthy of a Pixar film. There's also Gravity Sketch for general modeling needs and SculptVR. Google Blocks is also a software that's very user friendly (and free!). Anyway, there's tons out there to explore and lots of avenues to take your art next if you want!
  3. Times change, and everything passes away eventually. If you're an artist still interested in creating in a metaverse world, I encourage you to invest in a VR headset (I personally recommend Oculus Quest), and start looking into modeling programs like Google Tilt Brush. You can create in these programs, export them to Unity, and then use Unity to publish programs for people to walk around in and enjoy your work--both on PC and in VR. There's also web VR sites that let you build experiences right within your browser. Supercraft is one, and Mozilla's Mixed Reality portal is another. Take what you've learned about building interactive art in SL and think about exploring the future of virtual art as VR headsets enter the conversation. This is now the age of research for digital art. People are poking around and searching for how digital art can be delivered to folks en masse. Jump in and explore! SL is honestly the beginning, there's a huge world out there waiting for you. Some questions to ask yourself as this new era sets in: How can digital art be used to advertise (make money)? How can I get my art in front of the Average Joe (think of AR programs, using 3D art from programs like Tilt Brush to amuse and advertise at the same time)? I recently used Tilt Brush to advertise a project I was working on. People liked looking at someone draw in 3D, plus it was promoting a Google product too. Google liked it and that promotes me back. All that stuff ties in together and pushes further engagement. Food for thought!
  4. Selfie versus tagged photo 😭😂
  5. Time for me to resume making cool classic layers of makeup again.
  6. There's something else I'd like to bring up for consideration with LEA 2.0 if it happens, @Scylla Rhiadra-- though it's a more sensitive subject. Once I visited a LEA exhibit that was supposed to be about Arabic culture. As I was walking around, all I saw was sand, some Gor caves, some gold coins, and a blonde haired, blue-eyed woman in a genie costume. I think you might understand what I'm getting at here. The next committee needs to be careful in what they have people build for projects. Second Life is already plagued with a narrow view of cultures outside of what's middle class, American, and white. It adds insult to injury when it manifests after someone receives a land grant as well. Anyone can do a great exhibit on various cultures, but it's gotta have better research than just rezzing a big-boobied blonde genie.
  7. Right?? They need to join r/the_pack on Reddit lol. I can see that superimposed over some skeleton picture that looks angry with flames in the background. I wanna be friends with this person.
  8. 🅱️RUH. 😀😂👌❤️😍 This post is art. The formatting is perfect. I wanna lick it.
  9. Eh. My house is already open. Anyone who is in the Parade of Homes is in the same boat. If you don't allow scripts to run with visitors and no-rez, should be alright. I've had visitors come and be silly, but that's really the extent of anything. I like a little wackiness.
  10. You know what would be a cool trend, is if some of us who have homes opened ours for people to play in while they wait to get their own parcel. Start a big homeless initiative and would be way warmer than being snippy to frustrated people on the forums. My home is already open anyway due to it being added to the Parade of Homes HUD. If anyone reading this is homeless and wants a place to "live" for free in the meantime, just IM me! I can't give rez rights, but you can at least chill in my house and take pics there if you want. I hope you don't mind rain though, I'm one of those weirdos with rain around her yard. Just contact Aemeth Lysette in-world!
  11. It really would! Plus a fun activity is putting some plastic wrap over your computer monitor that's displaying the SLUV, then hold up a piece of paper to the screen and painting/drawing a skin over that. I did that once and it was a crazy outcome, but really fun. You can sell the skin after and take creative pictures with it too. Turn yourself into walking art! I think a lot of folks would enjoy a workshop like that.
  12. Got a feral child problem, eh? Just set some traps with candy under a laundry basket. Then catapult the kids off your land once they're caught. Or, dump them in a church skybox that has a priest auto-sermon going about good manners.
  13. Living on mainland isn't bad if you have nice neighbors, honestly. I only made the switch to get a cool house and live on the new continent. I recommend living near Chilbo if you want an alternative, though. It's a really cute artistic mainland "city" with a bunch of small houses and parcels for buy/rent. There's gas stations and stores, and a city hall for regular meetings. Plus, the HOA attitude for non-Lindens out thattaway is nonexistent.
  14. Peace be with you, sis. This is not the way. Ciao!
  15. Must you really be so negative in response to them though? What makes us any better than them? We have no high horses here.
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