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  1. Thanks dude. I don't expect my outlook to be accepted widely here, because I feel these forums are a place where people are focusing their anxiety and anger from other things in their lives right now. I just don't think it's okay to pass it on to the Linden staff like that. They have jobs and other stuff to take care of. But I think, sadly, this insight will become more prevalent as the disease spreads more and more through the population. We're going to really see what's important soon.
  2. Bruh, people out here dying of a disease in the real world and y'all are worried about when Linden Homes are going to release and getting mad at each other in a forum. Relax.
  3. There are too many other games vying for social attention right now, for this to carry on as it is in SL. For example--I have yet to find a Confederate flag in VRChat. Putting things like that up there get you reported really fast.
  4. SL is in this themed residence venture to make cash, so whatever is built will suit what looks good on the land and will make the most people happy. Based on what is built so far, my suggestions are: 1. Stone cottage. Could work well with sitting those next to campers. Blending communities together to seamlessly join is a good idea for landscaping. 2. Ranch houses, a more rustic all-wood sort that would fit with more desert-like spaces. Think of the Mother sim, classic Route 66 buildings, farm houses, stuff like that. Not a camper but the house you'd find near it. Also blends well and can transition back towards woodlands, which transition back to modern houses and Victorian homes. 3. Waterworld/Loose water-towns. I saw Pussycat post that and I thought, you know? That... looks really great. I'd be for that. The sailing community would be thrilled. Again, linking to communities already built. You hit the houseboats sailing out, then you get to wilder and wilder areas featuring these little cluster floating towns. 4. Warehouse/lofts. Interspersed between traditional housing sims, the option for warehouses. Appearing as industrial/urban areas between more suburban districts.
  5. Why fight over this? OP is underwhelmed. I liked the houses myself, but not enough to switch from the little cabin I've got. For me, the Louisiana/Victorian-style setting is heavy with memories and ancestral flavor. I want to be my beach-loving self, not constantly thinking of my forebears. They do make me want to light up a pipe and put my hair up in a tignon though.
  6. If we're being honest, that furniture looks like something I've seen in every ad and Better Homes magazine ever. I can think of a few stores off the top of my head where i can shop and grab things to emulate that room with. This is partially the fault of a particular mode of design being very popular.
  7. When you say "female", you sound like a notep or Quark from DS9. Don't do that. You'll question whether you should date someone until you find that you love them. Love changes things. It makes you realize all people are just people. Sexuality has nothing to do with this--it's really an issue of trust you're having. I'm bi and I hate when people stereotype us as untrustworthy. It's something we get tagged with often in the queer community. Folks, we're just human, that's it. Some of us are lying jackasses, but that can be said about many other people on the planet, straight or not.
  8. A lot of places will also hold horse racing events as well. VSteed does (run by Jinx and several other brands as a sort of co-op), so does Teegle. The good thing about VSteed is they will race several brands in separate courses with one another, then they do a fun mass-run of the course at the end. If you win, you get a cool trophy and a pic of yourself on the winner's podium! You can also get something like 2000L worth of gift cards. The races at VSteed are especially fun during practice. The course goes up a week (?) before race day, so you can test the road and adjust your time. It's really nice preparing for this with some of your favorite music. Anyway here's some footage from their race day! No twerking in this one, haha: Haven't tried Teegle racing yet, but there's a ton going on in that community. Definitely worth a look.
  9. Did anyone else see when Teegle did a test herd run and people brought their animesh horses down for it? That was so great, got me interested in thinking about herding AI for animesh creatures. Here's a video of the event: Also LOL they caught me twerking on camera.
  10. In its "end" years, I don't think anyone should be upset over a more prevalent Lab-run store with regular releases of clothing and etc though, because that might be how we end up keeping SL's dedicated devs paid. I feel the Linden will lose dollar value later on to the point where most creators cannot pay their rent though here anymore. I'm already seeing this with some stores that have been around for a long time. If you create virtual goods in-world, it might be a good idea to start expanding your skillset and framing your career as a game developer. That is what you do, even in SL. You create virtual content for people to enjoy, and that can very easily shift over as the gaming industry evolves. Somebody out there will wanna hire you at a company for what you do here! This isn't to say you can't keep creating in SL. Definitely do that. Just keep your bases covered! One of the best things I ever did was branch out from SL and into rl work. Now I freelance while dabbling here too. It's really nice to be flexible with whatever comes.
  11. I do get you probably thought I meant one thing when I didn't, but that's alright. Water under the bridge. My point was that it wasn't what I meant, but that those two things should be included and plentiful to keep folks happy here.
  12. We have fashion and minigames now. I think more minigames to keep new users busy while they settle in to their individual pursuits would be good. More stuff like Madpea but for Premium members, things like that.. wouldn't be so bad. Nowhere did I say "just" fashion and minigames.
  13. SL in its official form might have about 10 more years. I say 10 because of the advent of VR; the first real consumer-level headset has been released (Quest) and it's only going to get cheaper from there. Once the number of headset owners grow, the Lab will probably have hit upon a second game that will be popular enough to move its users over to. Even with that, SL will carry on with its diehard group. I remember being surprised in finding a lot of people still play MUDs and MUSHes... but a dedicated subreddit is quite active and have a lot of users playing various games over telnet still. Quite a few of those users are under 30! That goes to show you anything can happen, and sometimes nostalgia for earlier games bring in curious crowds who stay. The key is going to be marketing and showing how Second Life stands apart from burgeoning social VR games. SL is good for simulation, fashion, and building. Big focus on simulation (think Sims/GTA). We really just need fashion and a bevvy of minigames here, and we'd be set with an audience for quite a while. EDIT: And if you don't believe me about periodical interest in retro gaming and how nostalgia can drive sales with earlier tech, then look up Hypnospace Outlaw.
  14. Yep! Usually when a gacha ends up like that and you have to relog, you'll most likely find it in the Lost and Found folder.
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