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  1. I'm not white, friend. I'm black! Everything you mentioned, I know. The world is trash. I was imbued with the awareness of how terrible it truly is, just by growing up. Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to be concerned about many things--the thing you see me pursue here doesn't imply I'm apathetic about anything else. I appreciate you attempting to educate someone like this, but we come from all walks of life here. Just wanted to address that even though it's been a minute. Thanks!
  2. Years ago, I started noticing a trend with SL and prepared any dev stuff I had done for a portfolio. I invested some time into a side career, aggressively pursuing work there.. and now I have some work away from SL that is my own. Because things can go either way, I suggest anyone who makes things in Second Life to get their portfolio together. Tech is changing and these games are all fighting for customers. Change will come again as new virtual worlds arrive (which they will, this year or next). You need to be ready to weather that storm. You don't need to leave SL for this, just have your bases covered. This is my prime advice right now. Things that seem solid can fall to ruins, and things that look like a pile of ash can return to a roaring fire. That is the way of social games right now.
  3. It can be hard to talk about prejudice and racism. Some people won't react with acceptance of this right away. You'll notice a typical response at first that's incredulous, angry, and trying to blame the source of what brought the subject out into the open (most often, a person trying to talk to you about it). It's usually a first step for that person's journey to changing. So if some people don't accept this now, don't worry. You sowed the seeds. They'll take root at some point later on. Also, please take care of yourselves. This subject can be emotionally draining. Self-care is necessary so you don't get burned out.
  4. I should probably step in and make a clarification and statement. Not giving that Youtuber views, but by the title... You don't have to support BLM the group through donations or anything, in order to agree with the statement "Black lives matter". If you tell someone "I don't support Black Lives Matter", you should clarify you mean the group and that you, of course, are not disagreeing with the sentiment that black lives matter. That's just the name of the group. There are other groups doing the same thing that you can support. What else can you do if you don't want to march or donate to the (group) BLM directly? Talk to people about racism. Talk to your racist relatives about racism and why it's wrong. We all have one. I just called out my parents for being racist, and I'm black. It's still wrong. We don't get a pass for that crap. Call out instances of racism in Second Life. There's a lot here. And it would be great to see the game not so stifling and obviously prejudice against minorities. People are doing their part to change here now, but you can help! See a skewed reality that treats minorities like we're a red light district in-game, or someone going around and calling dark-skinned avatars the n-word? Report or refuse to support. Those two things are powerful statements in this game. Speak with your votes! A prejudice politician is one who can't work fairly. There are lots of people waiting for a chance to do a better job. Be aware that once this wave of civil rights activism is over, it will gradually be replaced by classism. And that... is when the real dystopia begins. We're already seeing the beginnings of this so just don't be surprised, okay? Keeping racism around won't stop that, either. It's just that helping to eradicate racism a little more will pull that curtain back more, and come further into our country's consciousness.
  5. Ah, politically neutral. What a blessing to be, in such times. @Extrude Ragu The Stand For Justice fundraising site lists some other groups aside from BLM you can donate to, if you want. Just click a link and you can pick what you want. Or, choose one of the other options other people in this thread have provided for you.
  6. Oh wow thank you!! Well then I consider this thread complete, thanks to EVERYBODY for showing support, Dancien for the JIRA, and even showing love on posts. I appreciate it very much. Really, this means a lot to me!
  7. JIRA is for tracking bugs in Second Life. That's the first sentence stated on the website there. I don't believe it's supposed to be used to request policy changes. Which mole/Linden should we tag here for this issue? I don't even know where to begin with this. @Strawberry Linden? She actually helped with a fundraiser with the Orlando nightclub shooting back in the day. Maybe she might know who can help. All I know is that I'm black and I've been complaining about this for years. I blogged about it, New World Notes blogged about it, and nothing ever happened. I got tired, put out by how much racism I see in Second Life, and felt sometimes that this game simply didn't want people like me around at all. Then I started playing other games too. Then I saw a statement by a Linden talking about trying to bring users back. I'm an on-and-off player who would be happy if this game accepted her more. But can it really happen? EDIT: Dancien created a JIRA for it. I don't know if that'll work but it's out there now! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228854
  8. The world is changing and a lot of people don't want to mire themselves in places that make minorities feel unwelcome (myself included). Little by little, SL has changed for the better, but I still see racist slurs used as tags on Marketplace for various products. This should be stated in the TOS as being disallowed, so we can report items that return when you search these tags. Second Life should not be a place that operates on any facet of hate. Not even for the sake of "free speech". This isn't a country--it's a virtual world run by a corporation. Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  9. Hey OP, I like your decor! You did a good job. I especially like the knick-knacks by the row of flowers. It blends in with the house really well.
  10. Thought this was a gotcha post, but I logged in to a tornado. LOL it's real!
  11. Thanks dude. I don't expect my outlook to be accepted widely here, because I feel these forums are a place where people are focusing their anxiety and anger from other things in their lives right now. I just don't think it's okay to pass it on to the Linden staff like that. They have jobs and other stuff to take care of. But I think, sadly, this insight will become more prevalent as the disease spreads more and more through the population. We're going to really see what's important soon.
  12. Bruh, people out here dying of a disease in the real world and y'all are worried about when Linden Homes are going to release and getting mad at each other in a forum. Relax.
  13. There are too many other games vying for social attention right now, for this to carry on as it is in SL. For example--I have yet to find a Confederate flag in VRChat. Putting things like that up there get you reported really fast.
  14. SL is in this themed residence venture to make cash, so whatever is built will suit what looks good on the land and will make the most people happy. Based on what is built so far, my suggestions are: 1. Stone cottage. Could work well with sitting those next to campers. Blending communities together to seamlessly join is a good idea for landscaping. 2. Ranch houses, a more rustic all-wood sort that would fit with more desert-like spaces. Think of the Mother sim, classic Route 66 buildings, farm houses, stuff like that. Not a camper but the house you'd find near it. Also blends well and can transition back towards woodlands, which transition back to modern houses and Victorian homes. 3. Waterworld/Loose water-towns. I saw Pussycat post that and I thought, you know? That... looks really great. I'd be for that. The sailing community would be thrilled. Again, linking to communities already built. You hit the houseboats sailing out, then you get to wilder and wilder areas featuring these little cluster floating towns. 4. Warehouse/lofts. Interspersed between traditional housing sims, the option for warehouses. Appearing as industrial/urban areas between more suburban districts.
  15. Why fight over this? OP is underwhelmed. I liked the houses myself, but not enough to switch from the little cabin I've got. For me, the Louisiana/Victorian-style setting is heavy with memories and ancestral flavor. I want to be my beach-loving self, not constantly thinking of my forebears. They do make me want to light up a pipe and put my hair up in a tignon though.
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