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  1. Ravenglass Rentals also committing Ad Farming. They are leaving their renter putting "EVERY LIVES MATTER" Ad at opposite side and making "Ad Flaming". I will report both Ads. Yes. Both Ads are floating on the air and taller than 8 meters, violation of TOS.
  2. belindacarson, you are off the point. The problem is using BLM slogan for land extortion business, not the land price. Yes, landowners free to sell land at any price they want to. Just put "Land on Sale" objects, no need to use BLM slogan with huge prim.
  3. I am concerning that some residents using "Black Lives Matter" slogan for making money, not for black people. For example, look at this picture taken at Baileya (If you go there, you can't miss it !). She is putting BLM Ads on her land named as "Black Lives Matter Memorial" and setting land price as 65,000L$, 14.4L$/sqm. It is clear that her intention is on selling her land with high price rate, not on BLM. Also, this ad is huge (over 8m), floating on the sky - violating LL Official Ad guidelines. This is clear that she is using BLM slogan to enforce surrounding residents to buy her land. Such "BLM Land Extortion" is misuse of BLM slogan, harmful for serious BLM movement.
  4. I have also received same scam IM with same E-Mail address. But user name is different - "Basilj". Linden Lab should banish these sockpuppets.
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