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  1. And he was manager in an international TV , too ? And he has worked for several corporations too ? And has he woned thre labels of music ? And has he benn producer ? Try again
  2. For one year .. Do toy need really help for ONE WHOLE year ? Its more that asking a little help because of closure
  3. If there were misinformations , it s in basing on YOUR OWN links . In one hand you give us your links to make advertisment on her and in the other hand you reject them . Where is your coherence ? And where is the uncivility you accuse the others ? It s a curious claim from you , someone who has some difficulties to describe the civil issues Anyway , it s sure that governement and fiscality won t care about some blogger or some wikipedia pages to know the truth
  4. And working for "Samsung, le Futuroscope, Singapore Airlines, JVC, Dynastar, Nestlé, KIA Motors, LCI, La Corogne, NBA, and Comité international olympique" ( i quote your own link , i have not verified the contexts ) is not working for corporations ? And Laurent Mialon can t pay his own business ? It s not credible
  5. He is "only a composer" . And so ? Marilyn Manson too . I want the incomes from Marilun Manson :D :D In addition , i read in your link "productor' . He owns minimum three labels As he has worked as musical manager for an international TV ( it s in your link !!! so don t accuse me to be calumnious) he has kept his relationships book
  6. No . he has kept his own book of relationships when he has worked for an international TV . Oh .. and for the fans of cyberpunk : what is an international TV except a "corporation" ? How do we talk about corporations the william gibson books ? There is something wrong with Laurent Mialon , who has taken as hostage the cyberpuk communauty when we know he works for corporations , more interested for electronic music than for the cyberpunk life .. In his point of view , cyberpunk is just a way , a strategy of advertisement
  7. I am pretty sure , that Laurent Mialon who has worked as manager for musics for a TV earns more than 99% of people here . Isn t it ? As he has chosen to stop to pay his own project , why to continue this project ?
  8. You compute for one year ( with costs for profit usage ). why you don t comute for 100 years , as you are trapped in yor delirium ?
  9. No . i don t read in LL documentation that 5 sims cost 6000 dollars . Fisr , i dont name "artwoork" a bunch of meshes . Telling about "mutilated artwork" is an attitude done by drama queens . Nobody in a 3d studio talks about "mutilated artwork" when they reduce their presentation Sorry , but , if she does a crowdfund , the peuple the closest to hangars liquides activities in real have refused to help . And these people make money in real life and use hangar liquides to make money
  10. And so ? Eveybody can reduce the umber of sims And i count well , 5 sims don t cost 6000 dollars , specifically for "non profit organisations" And why subsidies have been refused , if what you have claimed is true? And why all these groups/ or djs in hangars liquides don t help ? The "best fans" of hangar liquides don t want anymore to pay the project of 5 sims . And it s up to us to pay ? Are you serious ?
  11. 6000 dollars ? for a sim who cost 200 dollars ? are you serious . And of course , i don t forget there are french subsidies , no ?
  12. I think that , indeed , the question doesn t need to basaked : when hangar liquides makes a crowdfunding of 6000 dollars , how can you tell this "not commercial activity" ? And why in 2000 , hangar liquides was registered as SARL [Moderator Edit: Real World information removed] It proves that hangar liquides had real intentions to make profit , and , as ofen in France , has maked gis activities in claiming "non orhanisation" to escape the french fees . And now ., they want to escape the USA fees
  13. Oh ... you mean opensim as Inworldz ( Islandz ) who has shut down for "financial issues" ? Not a good idea
  14. No because , Linden Lab provides a service . There is an exact définition of "service" in the real commercial législation
  15. As you have firestorm , go to graphcal prefrences , and check the tab "depth of field" If they are set ON , change them . or disable them if you don t like it
  16. @CrowleyCorp But actually , the feature in "region/top scrips" is PERMANENT . And actually , the feature in "region/debug" is NOT permanent . So : why to try to keep the feature in "region/top scripts" and trying to fix it ... when the fix already exists in "region/debug" ? Firestorm and Second life viewer has not removed "region/debug" it's safer to disable the sim script engine than to modify status in all the scripts in each object
  17. Not evenry owners of region are in your case . so you can t talk only for yourself . When a GUI offer a feature it s for evrybody and not only for "Crowleycorp" . There is no code "if regionowner == Crowleycorp" If your goal was sincerly to desactivate temporary scripts , you can always with the "region/debug/disable(enable) scripts " . Why don t you use it ? So , if you have wanted the feature in "region/top scripts" window is only temporary desactivation , why to keep a doublon with "region/debug/checbox disable enable scripts" ? If you goal was not to break items , your proposition would be : to change the actual feature in "region / top scripts" to make it temporary . , so to make doublon with an other functionnaly / feature who exists yet It s a doublon . It s not necessay work . We can delete it .
  18. And so ? what is the interest to permanently desactivate object you don t own ? It s the meaning to "break an object" If your goal was to descativate temporary scripts , you can laways with the "region/debug/disable(enable) scripts " . So , if you wanted the fetaure un "region/top scripts" window is only temporary descativation , why to keep a doublon with "region/debug/checbox dsable enable scripts" ?
  19. You are really confused .. because you want a feature who doesn t fix a solution . There was a bug : the real fix was to disable the old feature If you want disable scripts , you can us "region/debug/disable scripts" . who is a chechbox you can enable and disable . But it s a region setting , : it doesnt modify the objects non-modify So , the feature in the other window "region/top scripts" has no interest , except to break illegaly some items who are not owned by the region owner
  20. The region owner doesn t own the objects in the region , and he doesn own the objects in the vistors attachments . . So what is your argue ? For the objects owned by the region owner , he could do by the"pie menu" ( who is not a pie menu since years , by the way ) And for the objects not owned by the region owner he can return them And for the objects ownerd by vistors , he can kick visitors . And if he wants pause the scripts , he can use the "about land / option" feature in each parcel . Or he can use too the "region/debug /disable scripts" feature who changes the proprties of the region or land , but not the properties of objects So , what is the interest for region owner to break items ? Tell me .. Explain this
  21. What about no-mod scripts who are in the attachements of avatars ? If the region owner disable scripts while some visitors visit the region , and these vistors leave , i don t see any way how enable scripts could work after the visitors have left . i.e : i visit your region . I have some huds . You are owner of a region . You have not flashed your lands as" no-scripts" in "about land / options" . 5 minutes later , you choose to disable scripts by the "Region.Get Top Scripts window" . . 10 minutes later , i leave the region . 15 minutes later , you enable scripts in "Region.Get Top Scripts window" . How the region could know where are my scripts ? The difference between "Region.Get Top Scripts window" "bout and "about land / options" is that "about land / options" doesn t change the flag "running" in the inventory of objects So , in my point of view , it makes sense to take away this feature who can break objects
  22. In your menu , choose "about land" , it opens a new window . Try to choose a tab as "access" . There is in this tab , a checkbox "anyone can visit" . Check it
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