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  1. I've thought of this thread several times since I first saw it, and it's inspired a lot of introspection about what SL meant to me when I was in-world the most (2005-2011), and how it seems different now. My thoughts still haven't gelled into something I can fully verbalize yet. I'll just say this: When I came to SL in 2005 it was so I could hang out with some friends from another game. Initially I fell in love with the platform just because of the avatar customization and the endless amount of creativity of the community. But my friends were the reason I never really left. If none of them were online at a given time (rare in the early days), I'd wander around and make new ones. It was so easy to meet new, interesting people by just following the mainland roads, green-dot hopping on the world map, or hanging out on themed sims. A thing that's changed for me is now when I log on, if I ever do any of the things I used to do to meet other residents, today I only ever find clubs and bot farms- and my list of friends who are online when I am gets ever shorter. Another thing that seems different today is that SL used to have celebrities- creators, business people, or just really charismatic personalities who sometimes even got profiled in out-of-world news outlets and publications. A thing that was fun about SL at the time- in a pre-Twitter world, especially- was that you could interact with these people. Sometimes you could go to their house! It made being in-world an exciting experience; to be shopping and see a familiar name over someone's head, "Is that...?" There were even SL villains! Do we have that anymore? I know there are some talented creators who are financially successful- but are there any sort of universally-known bigger-than-life in-world personalities these days? (I don't follow SL current events much anymore.)
  2. It appears I've lost most of my SL snapshot collection. I was looking for a picture I took of an island parcel of mine that a tenant had abandoned. It was just a flat square of land with at least 50 breedable horses on it, all dying of starvation. They were green and so pathetic looking. I paid my respects before bulldozing them into the infinite Linden sea...
  3. Good pulls, but I was thinking more like Prok, Anshe, and that guy with the inexplicable beef against Stroker Serpentine (wish I could remember his name, it was really ugly... dang I am remembering some other really ugly drama now, but it's probably best that I suck at name recall).
  4. My most active years in SL until now were 2005-2008, but the game positively affected me in several ways. It was a source of learning, play, and friendship.
  5. Wow this thread just caused me to reflect on 14 years on the grid. Yikes. Way too many stories for one thread. Anyway, I remember how people used to talk about the W-Hat and Voted 5 goons like they were ISIS, when in reality they were mostly just a bunch of really smart, creative, and fun people. Remember megaprims and name2key? The mass banning of W-Hat/Voted 5 people was rather sad, especially because it also meant the loss of many of their builds, which were often well-done and hilarious. Oh... and remember when Second Life had actual supervillains?
  6. I know I am showing up late to this thread, but real estate bots and people following stale landmarks are the most likely explanation for avatars that just pop in/pop out, from my experience. The stale landmarks (or obsolete "home" location) issue happens on private sims as well as mainland.
  7. UPDATE: Another estate agreed to pick up all my sims and keep my existing tenants' rent the same as before, all in a single transaction. After 12 years as a Second Life landlord I am out of the business. It's gonna stink having to pay my mainland fees and premium subscription out-of-pocket like I did pre-2007, but here we are... thanks for all the interest/offers I received in-world and elsewhere.
  8. Since I no longer have a use for my only remaining full-prim (bought-down) region, I am taking that region offline in a couple of weeks. But because of Linden Lab's rule requiring that residents own at least one full region in order to keep homestead regions, I am now forced to let my five remaining grandfathered homestead regions with wonderful existing long-time tenants go as well. (For what it's worth, I asked Linden Lab if they would let me keep these regions until my tenants no longer needed them if I promised not to take on any new business, but my request was denied.) My current tenants have been loyal customers for many years, so I wish to find a trustworthy estate to take these sims over with a minimum of upset to their Second Lives. I would prefer to sell all of the sims together, but can let them go one-at-a-time, too. I only have two requirements: 1) Buyer must cover the transfer fee. ($100 USD for a single homestead if you don't want the grandfathered tier, $300 USD if you wish to preserve the grandfathered tier. If we do a full-estate transfer, that's usually a different fee, but you get the idea.) Buyer can pay me directly by PayPal or in L$ (with a few percent added to cover cash-out fees). 2) Buyer must agree to take on the existing tenant. (I do not wish to sell these sims only to have my beloved tenants thrown out on their butts.) Please contact me in-world or via private message for more information. Thanks!
  9. Yes it is for transfer. All the details in the original post remain true. I am on weekend hours now at the moment, so my response time might be a little delayed, but you can contact me in-world or via PM (if this forum does that?) with bids/questions. Thanks!
  10. First off, in case you didn't hear the news, Linden Lab re-enabled the ability for owners of grandfathered Full and Homestead sims to transfer their regions to other players at the original, reduced tier. There is one catch, though: Linden Lab instituted crazy high new transfer fees for grandfathered sims. With that out of the way, I have a stand-alone (no sim neighbors) grandfathered homestead region I'm willing to part with for the right price. The details: Monthly tier: $95 USDNext tier date: The 25th of the month.Linden Lab says region transfers take 5-10 business days, but if they're still doing the Premiere program (and you're in it), it can happen very quickly. (I haven't been Premiere for a couple years, so I don't know if that's still a thing.) Contact me via private message or in-world with offers, and please consider the $300 transfer fee Linden Lab will charge me when making your bid. Thanks!
  11. Now that Linden lab re-enabled the ability for a grandfathered-tier region to transfer ownership to a different user at the reduced tier, I'm curious how much a grandfathered homestead region is worth in today's market? The posts from people offering them in the land forums don't list prices people are asking.
  12. LL support said it was a server bug and asked me to file a jira, which I did. It was just closed as a duplicate (although I can't seem to find what it's a duplicate of), with this explanation: "Hi Wildefire, thanks for the report. I visited the region, and see the problem - the off-region terrain shape is raised (see screenshot for illustration), causing the smooth function to raise the terrain at the visible edge when smoothed." What in the heck is "off-region terrain shape" and is that something a sim owner can adjust? This is a standalone sim, with no neigbors on any side.
  13. I got a frantic IM from an SL landscaper the other day who was trying to terraform a tenant's sim. She said that she always starts a job by flattening out the sim and then smoothing a couple times to sink the sim edges under the water, but when she tried it this morning, the edges of the sim reached up toward the sky instead of down into the depths. I hopped online, and this is what I found: Here's the sim completely flattened, viewed from beyond the sim edge. It looks like a square of AstroTurf floating over the sea. Here's the inside view of the same sim in the same state. Now here's the sim after applying Smooth one time at full strength: And here it is after applying Smooth once more. NOT GOOD. For reference, this is approximately what it's supposed to look like. This was a RAW file I made a few years ago in Photoshop, and then applied Smooth to in-world, and then re-downloaded. Notes: It only happens at sim edges. If I grab a selection of land inside the sim, smooth works as expected.I was using the latest official client.The landscaper tried rebooting the sim, but as expected this didn't help.And this just makes things more confusing: I was clearing out another one of my sims today, and just to experiment, I tried flattening and smoothing that sim- and it worked as expected! But the person landscaping the original sim is still experiencing this problem. So I thought maybe it was a difference in sim server version? But I just got in-world and checked: Both sims are running server Why would Terrain Smooth behave differently on one sim from the other? Anyone else seeing this? I don't have any other sims to experiment with at the moment. I've submitted a support ticket, but haven't heard back yet.
  14. You were the model of patience, Jack. Farewell.
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