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  1. Oh the murals are awesome!! Are they on MP or is this something easy to do? I think I need this lol
  2. I was hoping he didnt catch me stealing his burgers on the table
  3. lol well I think that was very nice of them It did take awhile, but I got it back to normal,, but, I did like it,, heading to MP lol
  4. Hello Everybody So I have been waiting and waiting for these new stilts to release that are on the main channel, so I decided to grab a HB, since I don't decorate much inside. Well I landed one on Tuna Turner lol, and it opens to the channel. Well I put up my draw distance to soak in the view, and a rainbow over the new stilts?? these are just down from the waves. its so pretty, I never seen them in the sky before in belli.
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