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  1. That is a good thought! I didn't mean to be calling anyone wrong or anything, just reporting my own subjective impressions. But better to actually provide useful information! So I will try. Many, many, of the creators / designers in the Twisted Hunt have really high-quality stuff. That Hunt is now over, but the merchants are still there! http://twistedhunt.com/participating-merchants So there's about 150 to start with. I personally am a big fan of Sn@tch and ezura Xue and Snow Bound and Grim Bros and the Strawberry Box and probably a dozen others from that particular list. The St
  2. I've love to see some actual statistics rather than random subjective opinions. Going to just a small subset of the stores on the Twisted and Steampunk hunts in the last month or so, for instance, I've been freshly blown away by the number and variety of creators out there (and the range of quality, from lolcute to whoa). And exploring just a few of the sims and large-scale art projects that friends have pointed me at lately (I don't have time to actually look for any myself, I'd never finish!), those things seem to be going strong to. So my subjective opinion is the opposite of these.
  3. I figured I would finally try it, since I got a survey link in the main from LL about it. But every Premium Wilderness link that I followed from the Web or the Destination guide led to a failed TP. (On the other hand the Premium Gifts links worked, so I spent most of the evening tooling around on the handcar; that was fun!) Any particular reason I should be able to get to Premium Sandboxes, but not the Premium Wilderness, tonight?
  4. I can't find it in the new knowledge base, but in the old one it's: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Why_does_Second_Life_say_%22You_cannot_log_into_Second_Life_from_this_location%22%3F And yeah, you'll probably want to file a ticket...
  5. Or it could be something that the OP is wearing; taking off unusual attachments might help in that case...
  6. Kaiser's idea is, I believe, that different people's browsers would render different sets of prims in the same area. That way I can have 10,000 prims in my skybox that's just above your head, but since your viewer doesn't render them you will see just open sky and not suffer any lag from having to render my prims. And vice-versa, looking down from my skybox I will not see any of your prims down on the ground. Of course if I fly down to the ground I will still bash into your roof and be unable to walk around due to your walls, but at least I won't see them. At least that's how I expect i
  7. I am wondering if it is the "s" in the "https" in the URL that isn't working. Maybe there is something messed up in your browser or firewall configuration that is making that kind of URL not work? Have you used any other shopping sites lately, that use "https" URLs, and not had trouble? Just to eliminate one possible cause....
  8. Interesting! That URL works fine (if a tad slowly) for me. Do you have trouble with any other https URLs? Does http://secondlife.com/shop?lang=en work for you?
  9. "Shopping" goes straight to the marketplace for me; can you tell what URL you're trying and failing to connect to?
  10. Does it fail every time, or does it work sometimes? Why do you suspect that the port number is involved specifically?
  11. "The only time I access RedZone is if someone has to be banned. I will also ban their alts." And you will also ban an unknown set of other people, who aren't their alts but who happened to get near a RedZone while using the same IP address because of ISP re-use of IP addresses, or using the same Internet cafe, or being in the same college dorm, or behind the same company or building firewall, or... Your call how bad for business that might be, of course.
  12. That does sound like fun! Of course the tools don't make group building really easy, unless everyone belongs to a Group, and you use Share With Group or something (which has its own oddities). The Virtual Artists Alliance has something vaguely like this; in the Haiku Speedbuilds, a bunch of random people get together and in 50 minutes each one builds their own interpretation of a haiku that is revealed at the start. See f'rinstance: http://bletaverse.com/u/special-jewell It's in some sense competitive (there are prizes) rather than "everyone working on the same thing". On the other hand
  13. Of course we can't talk about off-topic issues here, because this is the off-topic forum, so talking about off-topic issues would be on-topic, and you can't be on-topic in the off-topic forum!!
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