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  1. It would be nice if MP could remember my last used settings. So for me its 'Newest First' Offer a smoother way for the shop-owner to referencing a demo-version. Goal must be that we (customers) find the demo easy and the shopowners are encouraged more easily to link them.
  2. thanks for Your Answer, Alwin. skimming might be the wrong word, but phising looks either wrong. Its usually not a bot (even if it might be possible in some. Joseph Weizenbaum's(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Weizenbaum) Eliza(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA) grandchilds are smart today) Its definitely a person (cheep paid and with many open IMs). My interest is less to protect myself. Its the question how a reasonable protection strategy could be formed.
  3. since some month skimming seem to be "trending" and we need to have some info to be prepared against. usually i saw this always with looong not read people. If Chat-logging works and default settings are not altered the log-on and log-off of friends will be logged. Sample: [2010/12/27 17:20] Firstname Lastname is Offline [2010/12/27 17:20] Firstname Lastname is Online and a new IM out of nothing: [2015/08/08 10:27] Firstname Lastname:Hi restarting IMs after looong time is unusual Their IM pops up and they chat some about this and that. They take their time (hours or even days) and seem not need to hurry. They take time to (re-)build some kind of trust. But for sure on the end its the money they want. Some talk seem to be done to 'value' one and set their strategy. Sample: "long time ago you borrowed me some L$" wrong answer: "yes, it were xL$" right answer: "don't worry" They take every bit on info one gives them and use it to make their fraud even more intense. What are good ideas we could share here public to detect and protect against such frauds. Dil :)
  4. Hey this might not help directly or fit really in detail on your situation here. But anyway it might give a clue or helps poking your ISP in the right way. such symptom i were facing too when were forced to use a (bad configured) proxy. ISPs do such proxying sometimes transparent and at least RL-Brazil is doing some efforts to protect their part of the internet. Dil
  5. Dil Spitz

    Text chat and instant messages

    Some updates are necessary. - The 'Log files'-Section shows for Windows 7 an incomplete pathname. Maybe this performs: Windows 7 and Vista: %APPDATA%\SecondLife\Avatarname\ - The 'Changing log file location'-image need an update too, due the function is now under 'Chat' here is one image Ciao Dil :)
  6. Dil Spitz

    Text chat and instant messages

    <p>Some updates are necessary.</p><p>- The <a target="_self" href="/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Text-chat-and-instant-messages/ta-p/700155#Section_.3.1">'Log files'-Section</a> shows for Windows 7 an incomplete pathname. Maybe this performs:</p><p><strong>Windows 7 and Vista</strong>: <font face="courier new,courier">%APPDATA%\SecondLife\<em>Avatarname</em>\</font></p><p>- The '<a target="_self" href="/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Text-chat-and-instant-messages/ta-p/700155#Section_.3.2">Changing log file location</a>'-image need an update too, due the function is now under 'Chat'</p><p>here is one image</p><p>Ciao</p><p>Dil :)</p><p><img alt="" src border="0"></p>
  7. since a week (or so) this issue do not show to me anymore.
  8. this might be the link Orca ment http://orcasl.blogspot.com/2013/06/more-woodstock.html or this http://orcasl.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-failed-woodstock.html and here are some photos i did of this 12hours great event.
  9. Hey Maestro do we see this issues due that amazon have some network issues? trace routing from europe looks so horrible: C:\>tracert my.secondlife.com Tracing route to appid549761herokucom-728689208.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms xxxx@home 2 7 ms 6 ms 6 ms xxxxx@porvider 3 9 ms 6 ms 9 ms yyyyy@porvider 4 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms f-ed4-i.F.DE.NET.DTAG.DE [] 5 7 ms 7 ms 7 ms 6 7 ms 8 ms 8 ms xe-1-1-3.r20.frnkge04.de.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 7 138 ms 111 ms 121 ms ae-1.r21.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 8 101 ms 101 ms 95 ms ae-2.r00.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 9 94 ms 94 ms 100 ms ae-4.amazon.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 10 101 ms 130 ms 96 ms 11 97 ms 91 ms 92 ms 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 101 ms 96 ms 96 ms 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29 * * * Request timed out. 30 * * * Request timed out. Trace complete.
  10. shall we bring our third being (alts) on-line as well? Dil
  11. have the same login-page-cycle issue on JIRA as described in web-4822 too. The symptoms are the described and all started around LLs last JIRA-maintenance around end mai/begin juni. Tried myself different browsers, computers and changed password, also some Linden did tested a password reset and login from their side. On the same equipment alternative Avatar can login to jira. So all this lead me to the conclusion, that the problem is on LLs side. Have a support-case, got the info that there is a growing group of ppl having this issue, but there is no solution atm.
  12. Dil Spitz

    Burn2 Begins Oct. 1

    Burning Man is opened! visited the impressive Burn2 (Burning Man in SL). This year its not organized by LL, so a fully Resident organised event! Hurry up to the desert and catch a view, be&feel the spirit of this grandios event. Burn2 ends and the temple will be burned on 9th of october. Some snappies i did.
  13. the Inferno opened at LEA. Rebeca Bashly created this intensiv art installation and take us in the 'Inferno' (title of her installation) on LEA (Linden Endowment of the Arts). truly a must visit! some more snappies
  14. Hello Damien, in such situations its good to contact the shop-Owner for a redeliver, if the Owner can see Your L$-payment and the item is copyable they wouldn't have a problem to redeliver it to You. Ciao Dil
  15. Hallo Dshinn, fuer Deine grafikkarte hab ich Dir mal die treiber gesucht und es gibt einen von April. Hier kannst Du ihn runterladen. Deine Grafikkarte ist schon etwas alt (laut wiki aus 2006), aber wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe wird Deine grafikkarte gerade so noch unterstuetzt, ist aber schon unter der mindestanforderung von SL. Vielleich kannst Du ja auch einen neue einbauen, macht dann sicher viel mehr spass in SL. Ciao Dil
  16. @Peewee:yes, right, its recommended. But life isn't every time so easy thats also possible to follow the recommendation. So my tip, backed by own experience, i recommend in situations where it's needed to have SL mainly on the second monitor to do at least a complete rebake on the first monitor. Ciao Dil
  17. Hello Trek, if You have, like Peewee already said, SL on a second monitor it helped me to pul the viewer to the other monitor, do a rebake, wait to finish the reabke (some secunds) and push the viewer back to the monitor You like to have SL on. You need to do this every time You change Your outfit. Ciao Dil
  18. Hi Jasmine, you need the right to edit the land itself if you like to rez (Linden)plants from build-menu. This right is mostly only available if you own the land. rebake will your texture for the skin&clothes you wear. Ciao Dil
  19. so what makes it? would say Hunter said many right on it "Alot of 'First Life' rules apply", but definitely art in SL needs to take a view on its medium it self. SL, as a virtual world with the former slogan "Your world, Your imagination!" challenge everyone to be creative. Willow meant "the Ivory Tower of primitive" i guess, thats one on the first land SL ever saw and truly a nice spot to take some snappies. Truly Bryn Oh is a top choice! Selavy Oh, and AM Radio as well as all the artists who where seen on the Burning Life 2009(Man) event in Second Life need to be seen. The Mysterious Wave shows often some real inspiring stuff. Good to read were imho always "not possible in real life" from BettinaTizzy. have fun! Dil
  20. Dil Spitz


    Das ändern der e-mail adresse und des SL-passwords ist sehr gut gewesen. Bitte vergess auch nicht all die anderen seiten wo du vielleicht das gleiche password verwendest. (Ich mach sowas leider auch yu oft, aber kann mir einfach nicht fuer alle seiten passwoerter merken) Hast du bei SL auch deine neue e-mail deinen avatar zugeordent? Hat er dir vielleicht geholfen deinen computer zu installieren? Es gibt so schnueffelprogramme, wenn er deinen computer fuer dich installiert hat, koennte er sowas mit installiert haben. Sprich bitte mit LindenLab darueber, dass du dich verfolgt fuehlst und mach umbedingt ein logbuch, ganz detailliert, ueber alles was dir komisch vorkommt. Es kann spaeter ganz wichtig werden. ich wuensch dir viel kraft mit der situation
  21. me helped sometimes to edit my appearance edit for eg pants lenth and save it. This forces the viewer to rebake Your outfit. If its still a problem it may help to try out an official third party viewer:
  22. CRTL + i should bring up an inventory floater. That may help at least temponory.
  23. sometimes it helped me to change the outfit, specially the skin and editing for eg the pants length helps.
  24. If You know the sim where Your avatar is in and can see His dot on the mini-map You could open a case to get the sim restarted for Your still online avatar. That would log Him out. Or You wait till the rolling grid restart, tomorrow might be the most sims restarted. Or You can try to log in over and over to an other sim (that helped me once, but toke nearly an hour). If You succeed You need to find the other still logged in Avatar and meet Him in the same sim, so the sim sees that one is dead and it wouldn't block You next time again on login.
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