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  1. may I suggest a song from 1965 that is prescient:
  2. Ebbe, would you please discuss in-world building in Sansar. How will it be similar or different from building in-world in Second Life. Will we be, for example, building with voxels? prims? or something completely new. Will there be a built in way to create or edit Mesh in-world. Thank You in advance for enlightning us.
  3. " I would prefer to see this done without the direct invovlement of land payments to LL." Paying directly to LL is a major advantage of the Mainland, no middleman, no wondering if the landlord will abandon SL or decide your activities/builds do not fit with their vision. Nothing against the land barons, I just have no desire to deal with them.
  4. Why I like the mainland 1- I can own as much land as I want with no setup fees! 2- There is a sense of shared community, unstructured, anarchistic, sometimes contentious, but it is us, and we are it. 3- There is no middleman, I pay my tier to LL and don't worry about a landlord changing the rules or quitting SL 4- There are Mountains!!!. Brocade (92,149,191)
  5. I realize it is early days, but Could you please comment on intent if not specifics. 1- Names. It is tempting to assume that our SL names will be reserved, but I have learned not to assume. (Can you immagine the chaos if they are not?) 2- L$. Given that both platforms will be using the same currency, will we be able to transfer cash between them? Any clues as to how that might work?
  6. Confirmed Mastro, region restart resolved the problem. TY
  7. The old problem of diagonal regions not rezing is back again with this restart. From my home mainland region of Brocade all 4 diagonal regions did not rez today. The symptoms are the same as SVC-8130 / BUG-1521. If you fly into an unrezed region it appears, but if you turn around the region you just left will vanish after a minute or two.
  8. This has been a grid wide issue since some time Friday (at least). Finally made it to the Grid Status page Sunday afternoon. We could wish for a better response time at what is supposed to be the official notification page for problems.
  9. Mastro, why do events like this not make it to the Grid Status page? It seems like that page has degenerated to scheduled stuff and emergency notices given hours after the event first happened.
  10. The Interest List seems to have broken the Text Clients, METAbolt sees no near by objects at all, Radegast sees some but not all.
  11. Once again there is a problem with diagonal regions not rezing. This week 3 out of the 4 corners do not show (last week it was all of them not showing). We learned a few things last week when Maestro came in response to my bug report: 1-it does not matter what server version the diagonal region is on. We have 2 Main Channel, 1 LeTigre & 1 Magnum diagonals here in Brocade. 2-restarting the diagonal region causes it to show (fixes the problem), as does the RC rollout the next day for the RC regions. 3-there is little point in putting in bug reports again and again since they are quickly clos
  12. Actually I posted on Tuesday, well before the RC channels rolled. However, you are half right, since the RC roll Wednesday we are back to only one diagonal region not rezing.
  13. After today's restart to 3 of the 4 diagonal regions from my Mainland home (Brocade). The one that does draw (Mullein) is not even the closest to where I am standing. My drawdistance at login was 256M. When I increase my draw distance to 512M I see regions beyond the diagonal ones, with the diagonal ones being holes in the grid.
  14. Some simulator servers are running 7 regions! I do not believe there are any instances of 1 region/server left (except for special LL regions perhaps). Rod has also announced that there are new servers on the way although we have no details on how they will be configured. As far as I know Region > Simulator assignments are based on an algorithm that LL is understandably not sharing. There was a time when a region owner could request a particular server class, not sure that is true any more. The big Land Barons probably have enough of an inside track so their "request" holds more weight.
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