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SL Collada up to Blender 2.61

Gaia Clary

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This Thread ONLY applies to Blender 2.59 - 2.61 !

READ THIS FIRST: SL Collada is a workaround for serious bugs in the Collada exporter provided by Blender 2.5 up to Blender 2.61.This addon must not be installed on all newer Blender versions starting from Blender 2.62

Beginning with Blender 2.62 the Collada exporter works reliably for Second Life. Please update to at least Blender 2.64. Actually i recommend updating to Blender 2.68a. 

If you still want to use an older Blender, then prcoeed. Otherwise close this thread immediately :)

About SL Collada:


  • SL Collada 1.11 is a free standalone addon only for Blender 2.59, 2.60, 2.61 !
  • Its main purpose: export weighted meshes to SL (with or without Joints)
  • The exporter adds missing weight groups on the fly
  • It is aware of Shape keys and applies the current shapekey settings to your export
  • It exports rigs correctly, even if they contain control bones and custom shapes
  • supports Blender orientation and SL orientation of the Rig (as export option)
  • one hint for Avastar users: both addons like each other now :)

Changes from SL Collada-1.10:


  • FIX: The addon terminated with an exception when the armature was on another layer and not visible.
  • FIX: The addon terminated with an exception when the armature was left in pose mode and not selected.

Changes from Sl-Collada-1.9:


  • IMPROVE: Invisible (and selected) objects where exported too. I found that inconvenient. So i added a filter so that only visible AND selected objects get exported.
  • IMPROVE: The exporter was a bit unstable when you export while in Pose mode. I fixed a few issues related to these instabilities.

And now go and dance Collada.

have fun,

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Please, if you encounter any problems with the script, then send me your .blend file and maybe a short explanation what you tried to do and how i can reproduce the issue. I have heard some that a few people had trouble with the script. But i can not reproduce any error.

Please send your example to gaia.clary@machinimatrix.org

That can help a lot to find issues.

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I love you.

I've just spent two weeks learning how to do this manually. (Learning blender at the same time).

This was real easy to use!

Does this mean that the morph groups for breast physics etc will actually work now?

The current collada export function in blender doesn't support them. I'm going to play. Oh joy.

No more mangled avatars yay!

Did I say I love you?

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I got a few reports about instable behaviour. I think that i found all issues by now and so i updated the exporter to version 10. I hope this will be it :)

For users who work with avatar.blend and avatar workbench.blend:

Please always DISABLE(!) the checkmark "rotation z -90" when you export. Otherwise you get distorted meshes.

HINT: You can make your life easier as follows:


  • go to object mode
  • go to front view
  • select the armature (ONLY the armature)
  • rotate it by 90 degrees (such that the character looks towards you)
  • Object -> apply -> Rotation

From now on you can keep "rotation z-90" at its default value.


Have fun



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If you not already have done so, please update to SL Collada-1-10. I fixed some glitches. If you still get errors with SL Collada-1.10, then please send me your blend file so that i can inspect the problem and hopefully fix it :)

[edit]: I believe your particular issue has been solved with version 1.11


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  • if you use avatar.blend or avatar-workbench.blend: ensure rot z-90 is unchecked in the export options
  • if you use avastar or a skeleton with avatar looking to negative y:ensure rot z-90 is checked in the export options
  • In any case ensure that you have applied rotation in object mode before you export
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  • Try "Clear Settings & Reset Form" and see if the distortions are still there.
  • Also try "apply Scale" before export.
  • And check if the same issue happens also on the default SL viewer.

If all that does not help, please send me a .blend file which has this issue.
You always can use http://pasteall.org/blend and add a password protection.
then send me the link and the password by email.

BTW, with Blender 2.62 you no longer need the SL Collada plugin. The Collada Exporter
has been fixed.

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:cathappy: hi Gaia ,  Avastar is awesome! and nice!  i have some question ,may be it supposed to be addressed not to Avastar, but i dont know where i can ask if you know please forward me . The question is : "is it possible to create or use a <<blendshapes>>(shape keys) like for face animation or expressions SL morphs?". i dont know , but may be we have some "way" to set blendshapes and name them in blender to be uploaded and recognized in SL like facial expressions for talking and chatting like morphs on standard SL Avis ?

here is what i mean by "blendshapes"click

thank you ,cheers

happy cat:cathappy:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2794 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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