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  1. another thing i tried to add a prim where the chain is supposed to rez, and added the script to the respective prims, but when i wear the handle the chain disappears
  2. ok i modelled the weapon, there is a way i can make the chain more short? and change the texture?
  3. yeeeea! works fine! i setted the gravity differently and it works! now i will try to change the leash texture, and to create a "morning star" and other weapons like, i will put you in the credit, ad of course it goes all public domain for anyone who needs it (if you agree)
  4. I tried with an "opencollar too" rezzing a post, leashing the collar to the post, setting the collar to "phyisic" and dragging it around and it work perfectly, but i'm not scripter, and i just want this feature without all the other scripts, and i don't know how to change it
  5. I am not a scripter and I have searched online for various scripts to create a leash between one object and another, the first one I tried is this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Basic_Leash a chain appears that moves but the physical object on the ground does not move, it remains stationary. then I tried a second script this here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/64326-simple-leash-script/ which keeps a distance between me and the physical object unfortunately instead of pulling the object, pull me wearing "the holder" in practice I would like to wear an object that holds in chains another "physical" object that is dragged, to make weapons such as the "morning star" can anyone help me?
  6. Hei there as you can see in the video i've rigged some new bones to my character head, the mfacejaw works correctly, but the ear bones actually dislocate the mesh, i don't know what i'm doing wrong
  7. thank you very much! now seems to work! i own you one
  8. as you can see in the video, if i add the mFaceRoot bone, i get more distortion in the animation, the jaw is dislocated, i've applied all transformations in blender just to be sure, and checked the joint points import in SL
  9. As you can see in the image mfacejaw is correctly parented with mhead bone
  10. In blender i've made a custom joint points skeleton, with mfacejaw bone dislocated, when i try to animate it in blender all is fine, when i import in Secondlife i get a bone rotation distortion, i've tried different bone poses, resizes, locatings, nothing changes. here the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxCkQ53mRw here the bug report if you want to follow: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230953
  11. https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/353364/ubisoft-joins-blender-development-fund-to-support-open-source-animation Ubisoft Animation Studio (UAS), the in-house studio of Ubisoft Film & Television dedicated to creating animated films and series, will soon adopt the open-source animation software Blender as its main digital content creation (DCC) tool. Additionally, Ubisoft will support its development by joining the Blender Development Fund as a Corporate Gold Member.
  12. i've used a procedural texture to make marble more realistic, as you can see in the normal render i get a pretty good effect of the marble, and i like it, when i go to bake the singles normal maps i get a big pixellated effect . how i can resolve it?
  13. i’ve recently converted a bento avatar with avastar into the most recent rc 2.0.43 (5), when i upload it in the viewer the feet don’t touch the ground, before i had no problems with it. check out the video https://youtu.be/vYS11oFGzs0 i tried to scale avatar and armature proportionally 2 meters height, and this is what i get when i import the avatar in SL (look at the picture) the avatar is stretched, how if it as to be anyway 4 meters
  14. Where humanity is going? We actually need the real world as conscious beings? Is a future like matrix a good option for the human kind? Nature is a stepmother that doesn't love us, we go trough pain illness and sadness cause of her, because we are living beings with all the problems that comes with us. Virtual reality is a window to a perfect word, a world that we desire it could be true. A world that can be designed and fitted for us exactly as we wish. Sure it is the future of humanity, not as we know it right now, bu as how it could be. What defines you as an individual being? Are you your body? A group of living cells? Or are you the group of your memories? What really matters when it comes about humanity? When it comes about virtual worlds, your body doesn't matter, only your memory, your willingness, and your consciousness matter, you are just you with not material limits. This is a world we could wish for, because it's the only way we can get a perfect world. Reality that includes our bodies it's a circus of contradictions and conflicts, that rather goes in a constructive way, life on earth is hell for the most of humans, why should we desire less if we can achieve more? Welcome virtual worlds, the beginning of paradise on earth.
  15. ok i've exported an animation with avastar: but The animation starts when i press stop, when it's supposed to start when i press play, i guess what i did wrong? Sorry if i write here about animations and bento, i'm supposed to post somewhere else?
  16. Hi there i've tried to upload the standard mesh avatar adding a couple of legs more  and it's pretty cool then i tryed to animate the back left leg using blender and exported it as a bhv  and i get that error message when i upload it:
  17. Actually i would like my land keep going forever There is a way this can happens? for example if people keep buying my stuff, can i pay my land automatically with the incomings from selling stuff?
  18. I mean, there is a way my SL land could keep going on, if i keep selling stuff even if i die?
  19. How i use a keyboard if i have a Virtual Reality Headset on my face? I just can't. That means that the final user in Project Sansar will not use a keyboard or a mouse. Eventually you will use Project Sansar on your Sammsung Gear VR or With Oculus Rift and a gamepad. This if you really want people to use a Virtual Reality Headset, because only few people know how to write on a keyboard without watching, this is no matter. Which are the implications of this asset? I don't think there is actually an easy way to create contents, meshes, models inside Project Sansar without a mouse and a keyboard unless Linden Labs want to implement Razer Hydra inside their viewer for creating content. That's insane, because a keyboard and a mouse costs no more than 20$ but Razer Hydra costs 550$And nobody, NOBODY will pay that much to create just inside Project Sansar. What that means? That means that the cool content will be created using "just" a PC, Maya or Blender and we will can use Project Sansar without a VR-headset. Virtual reality it's for the final user, not for the creator. But for making it works on Project Sansar, Linden Lab will be forced to make it good on a standard PC too. Lucky me i still can use my computer and not buy another thing to make it work. I expect i can create Non-player characters (NPC) with bones structure that i can animate. Yes because i'm tired of laggy movements of Second Life rezzed NPC, it just kills all the fun.I want that a Sansar experience looks like a standard videogame, with NPC with smooth movements and with a mesh body like every else videogame. The most boring thing in SL is that actually the things you can do are not that much, unless you like poseballs i mean, that can be fun the first time, but in time you get bored of it. Instead if i can script a NPC made with a rigged mesh, i can actually create a lot of fun, and a more videgame like experience. RPG experiences, FPS experiences and platform too, all in Project Sansar with this easy addon. And goodbye consoles. Other expectations on my blog: http://projectsansar.blogspot.it/
  20. IMHO Second Life 2.0 needs: - new opensource scripting language, possibly python. - new format uploads for music and images: animated png or animated gif, mp3 and “module format music” - custom mesh skeleton rigging and animating, i want the possibility to create NPCs that moves with a skeleton. - standards restrictions for uploads, an accessory can’t have THOUSAND vertices. There are already restrictions and costs for stuff you put on land, but not restrictions for stuff you wear. - possibility to upload new media formats, i want to sell my books on secondlife, i want to upload a pdf and simply have it like a book to people to read inworld. - i want to upload games made in blender and sell it. why? i want more interaction, more stuff to do and to share, i want to go on a land and fight zombies that moves like zombies and not laggy pieces, i want to create a 3d adventure land, where npc talk and move naturally.
  21. take a look here and vote if you want: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6436 Instead of using music 44.1 Khz-16 bit-and no longer than 10 seconds, Why not use a MOD (module format): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOD_%28file_format%29 there are many free editors to make music in MOD format, for example: https://code.google.com/p/klystrack/ A music artist should not worry about the upload chunking, and should not worry about "putting together all the chunks and make it work with a script". And many Artists that works with Mod format, could join SL to sell their work instead of using other market places The same thing about animated textures, as a painter i would not worry about the lsl code to make work an animated gif on a prim, i just want to upload a GIF (or at least an animated PNG),
  22. i tried once to do a jiant hamster, and it worked, the only problem is the z offset that is kinda difficult to make it properly without a z plane reference
  23. Of course, i will for sure follow the ipse dixit of the Advocatus diaboli, and just will take all the arrogance from someone that tells me that my avie are not good and that he can do better, even when he shows me a picture from a rendering and not an inwolrd picture with the property settings in it. Yes, right. Anyway, i did a full bug report on jira with all my experiences, and of course i'm not an expert of streaming, this is why i've opened the thread. i will not ask to lindens " how much data a mesh is compared to the vertice count when sent between peers." because i don't know what does it means. You do it, there is a link in the first post of this topic. And i don't want to do a cheaper version of my avies, i can do a multiparts version just for anyone that is affected by the problem, but never a cheaper version, it's just nonsense, i want to do bigger and better avies with incredible details, not cheap cutted avies that cannot stand with an old tecnology like sculpt maps. What's mesh for? I leave to Chosen the 9k polycount avies, i'm doing it bigger and uncut, American way
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