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Did SL and other games help in a revival of Jeggings?

Poenald Palen

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I am not a fashionista, I barely remember jeggings. I happened to see an article, figured I would find out what these things are. Well, the pockets on these things where painted on adn they are very tight. They where available a while ago, very much pre-SL though. They are still around and have made a come-back.

Now, be honest....even though fashion experts have said they are horrible, health studies say they are unhealthy and many have spoken out to try and stop the trend when it was around back in the 90s....well, lets be honest...doesn't the painted on pockets and the super tight fit make you laugh and think of SL clothes, so this could be an odd SL influence?

Here is how it might have happened, and how SL is one influence in the revival if jeggings. Some people like leggings anyway, so they could not stop themselves from buying some and giggled about looking like thier avatar.....these people are now responsible for a trend that many magazines and fashion experts seem to dislike....jeggings will NOT die as a trend! Famous people are wearing them, and the oxford dictionary is also entered the name!


They are now a solid part of history AND a current trend that seemed to have really never died anyway. Ok, was it YOU! Did YOU do it, did YOU start this trend with your funny purchase of jeggings that reminds you of your avatar? Hhhm, come on...it was YOu wasn't it!

Yes, I bet it was at least one of you! You thought it was funny that you could have pants like your avatar has....OH, now you started a trend that will not die! I am sure many jeggings haters might find out now, so you never know if a conspiracy arises to thwart other fashion comebacks and trend creations coming out of SL, or at least SL being some part of the influence...they might find us know....are you a member of a secret Cabal of fashionista revolutionairies trying to make fashion trends via SL? Do you wish to show us your manifesto, let the conflict be all out in the open so you can gain publicity? These experts of fashion I read about HATE jeggings. They are a big "don't" on thier lists!

I do see a sort of influence here that might be positive. It is possible that many might read up on tingling legs or thighs. This might lead them to diabetes awareness websites...could it be a conspiracy by websites with medical info, so they can earn more by getting more hits and views? Don't tell me you own one of those AND also are an SLer...you must be the leader of the Cabal!


Of course, most of you are innocent sweat pretty things that wonder around trying to create art out of you avatar and simply see fashion influences as a funny side effect of being social creatures by nature. BUT, some might have strange motives....of just like jeggins to much because they see thier avatar with painted on clothes all the time.

At least t shirts with tuxedo's printed on them are not also iin these outfits....although, that would be funny....seeing a high fashion model walking down a runway in one of those and some really bad painted jeggings lol. Anyway, I will now go back to wandering the other forums...I have had my food, so I can spend some time here now....hhhm....uh...Bye fashionistas....fight the power....whatever it is you are manifesting to fight an all that.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4566 days.

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