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The shelter and the Isabel infohub both tend to have people nearly all day long that are up for chatting.

If you're furry, the same can be said of Luskwood - except that no one will greet you there, you have to jump in on your own. Luskwood is PG. If you want the M crowd for furries - hit IYC, which is also very chatty, but plays Rock/metal so I myself don't go often.

Other infohubs are also very chatty, but more meanspirited than Isabel's.

Taking "classes" at NCI also seems to be a good way to get yourself into a conversation.

Also search for philosophy groups. If you think western philosophy is the supreme of human intellect and eastern thought is not even worth considering as intelligent, then SL has some great philosophy discussion groups. But if you value Taoist, Confusion, or Buddhist thinking - be ready for a tough sell.

If you like Hip Hop, the club Bootylicious tends to have conversation - but its more for the 'young suburban middle class that thinks ghetto is cool and so puts on a hyped up act' crowd. The 'original ganstas' that come from Beverly Hills, Jersey Shore or Denver. ;) Curiously nobody ever dances there. Cause I guess that's not 'cool' enough - though I suspect they would say that using less polite terms that insult certain sexualities. This is especially funny though as the club is heavily sponsored if not owned by the best dance maker in SL... who makes -great- motion capture hip hop dances (among other styles).

If you think sailing in SL would be fun, join some SL sailing groups. I forget which of them, but one of them seems to be holding almost daily events - albeit usually right as I'm getting ready to log out or otherwise busy, so far. But they 'sound' like good folks in the bits of chat I see.

Oh, and sneak into the Bay City weekly Thursday night 'race' event, and just pretend like you belong until you get the sense to realize that its a good place to buy some land and actually belong. :) But it is only once a week...


Otherwise, join some roleplay groups, or hang out in sandboxes, or find a themed estate and join its residential community.


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Hi Bambi, check the "Places and Events" forum and choose "Favorite Destinations".  http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Favorite-Destinations/bd-p/FavoriteDestinations

Many residents have posted their favorite destinations here, some with pics, some without and often giving information about what makes these places so interesting to them. You'll find the SLurls in a lot of threads so it's just a click away to discovering some great places and things to do.

I've found many interesting places to visit by reading about them in these forums and I hope you do too. :matte-motes-smile:

Edited to Add: also the Upcoming Events and Activities may give you some ideas of places to go and hopefully meet people to chat with.  http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Upcoming-Events-and-Activities/bd-p/UpcomingEventsandActivities

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Wow, you've been a member since 2007. I sent you a landmark for the ferry terminal at Barbarossa. It's an infohub, but there are a few people there willing to chat and in my opinion is the most interesting infohub. It's an island and a pretty small one. You can get a free sailboat there over by the boat house building. Take the sailboat over to the white dock on the opposite side of the island (it's a short walk) and rezz it and see if anyone wants to go sailing with you. Ferries stop there, but it's a boring ride. Ignore them. 

Think about joining some chatty groups. NCI is good, especially NCI Spam, which is for chatting. If you chat too much in the main NCI group you'll probably get scolded. It's supposed to be for answering questions from residents. 

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I've got that Barbarossa sailboat giver and info in my blog on sailing.


- With SLURLS for a few places you can go with a boat, and how to get more info once you get started with it all.

I've found Barbarossa to be nearly empty or full of AFKs every time I went, but maybe I just had bad luck.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3456 days.

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