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(Lack of) Deploy Plan for the Week of 2021-10-11

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We were initially planning to release a new version of the simulator to RC this week, but ran into some issues with new crashes last Friday, so we're delaying the release for a week to iron them out. Grid Poking Bot has been brought back online and should be restarting regions with more than 10 days uptime. We're also looking at possibly restarting the non-RC simhosts next Tuesday before our Wednesday RC deploy, as they'll be getting close to 3 weeks up uptime.

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I don't know just when the Grid Poking Bot is expected to start up. It may just have started at 8 ack emma, SLT, and I saw a couple of stopped regions on the map, but other regions haven't restarted since Oct 1. So far there is no sign of anything I could attribute to the Grid Poking Bot.

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It has been several consecutive releases (i.e. quite a few weeks) that the server release notes are unavailable, always leading to an ”access denied” XML page. This week, yet again, I get for Second Life Server 2021-10-01.564394:

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

Could you please, LL, get it right once and for all ?  All it takes is to verify the release notes URL does work whenever you update your servers... What about adding this step on the check-list for server updates ?...

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