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Scylla Rhiadra

A New LEA? How Can LL Best Support the Arts in Second Life?

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Goodbye, LEA.

On a personal note, I got my creative start at a LEA sim. There was a LEA sponsored sim called Medici University that was a gathering of artists. I wasn't one, but I dj'ed there and started getting interested in photography, which started spurred me to learn more. Since then, I've taken hundreds of photos and made many of my own builds in SL.

The LEA sandbox, where I'm standing in this photo, was a fabulous place to build. I learned tons from other people building there and saw some incredible builds. I'm going to really miss the sandbox. It was just such a great place for seeing what others were creating and learning from those people.

This photo was taken on the sandbox's last day. *sniff

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