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Photographer for hire * Re Building client list *

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Hi there, I am a Photographer inworld looking to re build my client list. :)

I have alot of slots open to be booked.

I am able to shoot photos for Profile pics, Life event such as weddings, births,parties,concert events,birthdays, couple pics, model portfolio shoots, etc.


Here you can view my recent work:



Also you can come visit me inworld at my studio: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Brown/52/139/21

Prices affordable, 99% Satisfaction guarantee, packages available


Thank you!

Angella Lance

Kemangcsr Resident :D


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You have stolen photos on your “recent work” feed. This is incredibly unfair business practices, especially to the folks who put in the effort for you to claim their work. Please rethink everything you are trying to accomplish and teach yourself photography. Put in the work so you don’t feel obligated to steal from others. 


This Photo

This was originally posted by Strawberry Singh in 2014. 

Please, be better. 

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Big 'ol picture taking them to the original link on Strawberry's page. Corrected to just link only.
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I saw this post earlier and it's easy to notice probably all of photos are not hers because of the title, she was not bright enough to change them when uploading and the quality is so inconsistent that I do believe some of the photos are hers, but like the ones on the middle of her page, the bad ones.


Edit: I might be wrong but this looks like a picture from Grazia Horwitz: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angellaphotos2017/40898637760/

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