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  1. I happened to have all of them, so I will try my best to answer your post based on my experiences: - complexity - not sure about the older generations, but Korina (pre-Evolution head) already had low complexity too - meshes - and how they fit shapes or how flexible they are, thats matter of personal taste, its hard to make some general conclusion about that - BOM makeups: Not being creator myself I have limited understanding how the UV maps work, but as I understood each head/ each brand is fully compatible and looking good with make ups fitting the head's UV map, not with every
  2. Yes, thats what I meant by that. Wasnt sure what complexity in viewer is and how it is (or is not) related to number of polygons of the mesh.
  3. You need to make clear first which viewer you talk of. OP said she was quoting Niran and his Black Dragon viewer has different counting complexity compare other viewers. So thats not "completely wrong" - thats just not same number as complexity shown in Firestorm. Not being creator myself Im also not sure if the numer you get in Firestorm as your complexity is the real number of polygons the mesh has. So I would be really careful to say thats "completely wrong". Its wrong if you talk about complexity in Firestorm, then yes, sure - but is that how many polygons the mesh bodies really
  4. Its not helpful. I will renew annual for my home, but I can't afford to pay 2x72USD in same time. And with no future I see as pointless to keep it for a little longer, so I already returned it into system and someone who is waiting for the new LL home will have chance to get it.
  5. Books&Coffee are closing, more info here:
  6. I want to say thanks to everyone who visited my little café, enjoyed the donuts (and met my snake ...). Sadly I'm here to ask you to remove Book&Coffee from your landmarks - due to the new Premium price I can't afford anymore to pay more Premiums to cover tier for my home/photo studio and the café. My country has "weak" currency, to buy USD is expensive for me. And as SL photographer I can't be homeless, so the choice is to keep my home/studio and let the Books&Coffe go. If you didn't read about the new prices yet, you can do it here:
  7. Sorry? I'm glad you survived then! And thank you
  8. Amen to that. -------------------------------- I dont log in often, but I read forum every week and the last events here are really disturbing. More and more topics about "Lets to tell people how they should live their SL and how they should use their Premium benefits they paid for". I could not believe my eyes to see Teager to make almost apology for opening the houseboat bar FOR PUBLIC, it went really so far? -------------------------------- It slowly gives impression that tolerance and respect to others became "forgotten arts". How sad. Especially when you talk about COM
  9. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wheelhouse/128/53/22
  10. Yes, sliders with no limits for each bone, including bento facial bones, fingers, ears, wings tails. They are much smoother than Anypose. Sadly LL didnt allow them to be used for other avatars, because the edit is visible only in the viewer of photographer, not for other models, so it would be taken as "abuse". https://gyazo.com/b0df2bad7c5ddaac37f09af59dec85d8
  11. Yes , thats why I mentioned I'm not creator, because there can be technical reasons I didn't know and didn't take into account. But still - about the other reason - I would prefer 1LI orb with scripted option to give permition to others to be "managers" and has rights to add names on white list, even if it would mean I would have to create the whitelist again if somehting would go wrong and reset would be needed. A lot of people uses alts for Premiums, if the alt could add main avatar as manager, everything wuld be much easier.
  12. loverdag


    It look so heavily photoshopped that is hard to say which hair it was ...and IF there was some SL hair used - the top of the head looks a little like RL photo morph. And with no doubts entire hair has texture drawned in photoshop (or other editor). SL hairs inworld doesn't look like that.
  13. May I ask why the orb isn't giving menu which would allow the owner to manage whitelist? It would be much user friendly - esp towards Slers who do not talk english well and can have hard times to understnad the instructions. And much more comfortable for everyone, because there would be no manipulation with the notecard and the orb itselfs in edit mode. Im not creator, so maybe Im missing something, but if everything would be via menu, the orb could be simplier object too (1LI), with no need to make with more clickable zones and more LI
  14. We already talked about need to get it fixed on LL side in the other thread:
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