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  1. loverdag

    Still Trying to Find it.

    I would recomend you to create Flickr account and to follow for the beginning some groups focused on sharing slurls, later people (accounts) who share places to your liking. As destination blogger I do it same and it helps to find less known and less visited places as well. I don't avoid blogging also the more visited, but I do not focus on them only, so I beleive I help travelers to find also something else than only well known places. Like this one for the instance: If you click on the picture, it will take you to my Flickr, slurls are always in descriptions under my landscape pictures (with very few exceptions when I didn't share it). You can also check groups I use for landscape photography, part of them ask members to add slurl in descriptions (as group rule), so it should help you to find more Flickr accounts doing so. Just be aware that places in SL (esp. less visited ones) are very often alive only for short time, today they are here, two weeks (or sometimes two days) later they are gone. Its why is hard or impossible to update any destination guide and its past posts. And its why you will always find many dead slurls when you will check older pictures / blogpost / web posts. I can't even count how many places I got ready to publish and next week I didn't post them because they were already gone - thats nothing really unusal in SL.
  2. loverdag

    Parcel Owner is MIA?

    It was just theoretical idea - if it would be nice parcel, good location, and apparenly very old build on, something probably rezzed many years ago and not touched since then. I'm not looking for buying anything right now, but I do explore mainland and sometimes I see similar things on attractive locations, nearby water etc.
  3. loverdag

    Parcel Owner is MIA?

    Oh, I see! So OP, I was wrong then! And it means if someone is looking for land to buy, they actually should check not only abandoned parcels, but taken parcels too, because its possible to find nice spots still owned by groups in debt - and should be possible to ask LL to sell them, correct? Interesting, i didn't know that, it makes the mainland options much bigger when someone is looking for new land.
  4. loverdag

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    There would he hard / impossible to proove it was OP and not another avatar with same look - if all components were bought, not custom made only for her.
  5. loverdag

    Parcel Owner is MIA?

    How long can land be still owned by group after they stopped to pay? I always though it would be maybe days? 72 hours or so?
  6. loverdag

    Parcel Owner is MIA?

    I'm not expect for that but as I got it - there is no such a thing as free mainland owned by residents (or group of residents). If the group own it, they still pay for it, or they cover it by free Premium accounts benefits. In other words - to Linden lab they are paying customer, so its not like they do not longer exist. If they didnt pay - for years maybe, as you mentioned - the land would be returned to Linden lab, not owned by the group anymore. They maybe do not provide the services you believe you will be given, but its problem between two residents involved in business and as long as there is nothing against TOS, Linden Lab wont be involved.
  7. loverdag

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    I think you are right. I was still thinkg what they would be able to sell, if "the look" was only look (=how OP looks like), not the avatar's components. This sounds like that I think: It crossed my mind that was maybe shape with stylecard, sold with picture of avatar looking same as OP? Or as you say, they teased OP and lied.
  8. loverdag

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    Yes, it could be as well. But the more important part were the old body parts - as was already said earlier, its not clear what exactly OP means by "the look", but if those componens were part of it, it probably was not custom made mesh avatar in the meaning of original mesh creation.
  9. loverdag

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I guess this is very individual thing. For me is more comfortable to open the box rezzed on the ground and to move into desired location in inventory only the content I want. For the instance I got inventory folder "Tops" and there I prepared subfolder "Black top brand XY". I rez box on the ground and from there I move in that subfolder only version for my mesh body. I don't need LM to store, I don't need texture with the brand logo and 4 or 5 versions for bodies I do not own. Automaticaly unpacked it would create folder in main inventory, there I would have to erase manually what I do not want and then - the tricky part - to hold the folder and move it 6 km across the inventory and all my folders to the right place, to the folder "Tops". Much less comfortable (even when my mouse currently doesn't have hiccup and doesn't drop thigns in random folders during that process)
  10. loverdag

    Ok I've had enough of reporting this person D=<

    Seems something was erased from OP after Marianne commented it. Hard to beleive that today would someone sell for 10K avatar with those outdated body parts. And it doens't look like custom mesh avatar then.
  11. loverdag

    joining parcels of group owned land

    I own only one parcel, but I wanted the group bonus, so I went thru the process of buying land for the group as well, despite fact I got only one Prem. in the group. And you aren't alone who has hard time to wrap head around it, I would even say there is "a trap" waiting for us to make the wrong click or wrong step in the process, to make us easily to pay additional tier for entire month for owning the bigger land for 5 minutes ...
  12. loverdag

    joining parcels of group owned land

    Doesn't matter who will make the click on "buy for group" button, the avatar only need role in the group which will allow them to buy land for the group. "YOU" as avatar will never own the land - the owner will be the group, so your personal tier won't be affected. Just be sure you won't click on wrong action and you will buy the land for the group, not for yourself. The group must be active (aka group tag above your head) to do so. @Lindal Kidd is the best person to ask for more details or help
  13. loverdag

    joining parcels of group owned land

    For group doesn't matter if the owned land is one parcel or more smaller parcels. What matters is if there is donated enough from Premium members - if two Premium accounts donate 100% of their tier to the group, the group can own 2x1024 m2 + 10% group bonus. Just keep in mind, the parcels must be owned by the group, not by the avatars. (Because you ask "if two premium alts buy".) You need to create the group first, to donate the tier to the group and then to buy the land for the group, not for the avatars.
  14. To quote Niran - AVX is faster version and needs newer CPU, late 2011 or newer. If you aren't sure the best is to do what the kitty Fionalein said - try AVX first and if it won't work for you, than without.
  15. loverdag

    Parcel with sale sign on map

    You already made to have animesh cat, sooo, what if they won't like each other? Smells like troubles!