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  1. Flickering issue around edge of body

    Call me "naive elf", but I originally didn't get whats exacly going on... I saw it later on Flickr ..... And I agree, when I said "doable" I didn't meant it can't be touched by the issue - what we can do is - in the best case - to do compromises between what we want and what is possible. Same it would be if you would take more "control over the background" in your own hands by renting/bulding photo studio - today its easier than before, thanks to popularity of mesh backdrops. Not all of them are hard-to-get rare gachas or expensive and there are plenty to choose from. So its much easier to build/change scenes and to control what background you want. Idk if it still exist, but there was sim for photographers with many backdrops from different creators free to use, sorted to floors by themes - but it was not adult sim, so it wasn't for nsfw. Anyways it was good as "showroom" if you would want to see and chose what you like to buy for own studio. (I'm not big fun of backdrops and I don't use them often myself, but it depends on style, they can be pretty useful.) But again - it would be compromise, I'm aware you said you spend time on the beach, this would force you to change your "modus operandi". Anyways if you would be interested and would not find the sim yourself, feel free to poke me via flickrmail, I beleive I have it bookmarked somewhere.
  2. MP Categories are Strange, Annoying and Just Missing

    Thank you for the explanation, now makes sense why the categories are like that. So lets hope it won't stay on half way to "new hierarchy system" forever. To finish it would really make MP experience easier for both sides, merchants and customers as well.
  3. Flickering issue around edge of body

    To turn off those layers is technical solution, but I'm affraid it doesn't solve much for ppl with some artistic intent - the appliers - tattoos, scars, blood and other appliers - are very often worn for the purpose of making pictures with them. But maybe it can work for at least for Ayela and others with similar focus - if the intent is to show the nsfw gymnastics and the "body decor" is not so important. But thats still annoying I guess. Edit - I don't think I wrote it as I wanted, so I will add this - always depends on the goal, the story what the picture should say. If the goal is to show erotisicsm, even with passion and emotions included, it doens't directly depend on tattoos and its perfectly doable with models with no tattoos (on artistic level as well). But some specific ideas aren't doable without appliers - they are one of the tools what many photographers use to reach their goals, the "stories" they wanted to tell.
  4. MP Categories are Strange, Annoying and Just Missing

    I speak from costomers point of view, not as merchant - and I always wonder about fantasy components and its listing, it took me while to find all the categories. Components worn on head - hats, hair, mask are under Avatars Accessories. But Horns are under Components / Cosmetics? Components worn on body are also separate - Wings are under Avatars Accessories, but tails, hooves and more are under Components / Cosmetics. Would be much easier to find (or for merchants to list) all that fantasy "body pieces" in one category. I'm sure there must be also sets, for the instance "demon set" - wings, tail + horns. No idea where I would put the set as merchant in the current situation. Would be nice to find it all under Accessories OR Components listed in separate subcategories + sets in the main category above.
  5. Hide UI Firestorm

    I hide UI daily for years. Ctlr Alt F1 worked for me always, in older versions and in the current one as well. To keep developers menu open before you hit the keys makes no difference. (But the menu will be closed in the moment when you hide UI, so not I'm sure what is point of keeping it open when you are about to hide UI...or did I miss something?) But there is issue with top bar - sometimes it stays visible, no matter how many times you try to hide it. (I don't mind, I just crop it out from the screenshots). Anyways when it change weather for you, maybe check the list of shortcuts - if you accidentaly dont press another key as well? But its weird, because shortcut for midnight is very different: ctlr + shift + X Oh, you said sunset - but still, thats ctrl+shift+N. Nothing too close to ctls alt f1.
  6. Flickering issue around edge of body

    But I can at lest share screenshots from Black Dragon viewer to show what I was talkign about. Raw screenshots (=no edit, no Reshade) 1/ NO DOF, we can see the "alpha&alpha issue" in its full glory 2/ "classic DOF" (same we have in Firestorm as well 3/ The optional DOF in BD As I said earlier it doesn't solve the issue, but it helps to make it nicer. (And you can pretend it was "artistic intention"). But I would really recommend just to avoid those situations, not to use background like this. Derendering is very useful, if its not possible to take the picture on another spot. And this is the magical check box in the BD machinima sidebar - "include alphas into depth".
  7. Flickering issue around edge of body

    Would be nice if someone with better english and better knowledge of SL viewers terminology make the request, I personaly lack both the skills and don't feel like to start the adventure.
  8. Flickering issue around edge of body

    Idk what you tested. My exaple was sheer clothing + hair - click on the hair and in the moment when I get viewer pie menu visible, the issue temporarily disappeared, so was possible to take picture with no "alpha issue".
  9. Flickering issue around edge of body

    Sometimes helps to click ont he hair with righ mouse. But I think it helps only with avatar's attachements (hair + clothing etc), not with objects rezzed inwold. You said you have Slink body, i can confirm that Maitreya works same, when I turn off my scars (tattoo layer) the problem is not visible. The second test you did thats about size of the transparent layer. They are 3 like the russion dolls (matryoshka dolls) - the smalles, closes to the body is tattoo layer, little bigger is underwear layer and the biggest is clothing layer. Its why the tattoo layer makes the effect weaker.
  10. Flickering issue around edge of body

    Thast not stupid question :) I know only Reshade and it doens't work with the viewer snapshots at all. I have to hide UI and to take classic screenshot (reshade itself takes them + from games I used to use Fraps). (To make it more adventurous I use cinematic HUD and I want it visible, so I have to hide other HUDs manually (not to use "hide HUDs" in the viewer). Uncomfortable, but doable. When you don't mind the limitation of size and resolution - dependent on display resolution. I don't mind, I will never print it in RL and for Flickr / blog its enough. I know its popular to work with HUGE files, because bigger is better .... but I'm not member in that club
  11. Flickering issue around edge of body

    I wish to merge Firestorm and BD together, each of them has awesome tools and misses something (at least for me personaly) important. So far I stuck with Firestorm, because I use also Reshade and it works only with one viewer at time and to reinstall it every day is not option, I'm not enough determinated for that. Anyways BD was for me better for avatar's pictures - exactly because of the problem you pointed out - and Firestorm I prefer for landscape photography for it's other tools. This I took months ago with BD, with Firestorm would not be possible to make the glass and the alpha in my hair to look like that.
  12. Flickering issue around edge of body

    I beleive this happen always when two transparet (alpha) layers meet - one is around your body (for tattoos and other appliers), other is trasparent layer in the wave behind you. All inworld objects with alpha textures will make same ugly effect, the most common are plants, grass - together with our mesh bodies, hair, maitreya trasparent nail layer etc etc. When one aplha meets other, ugliness happen .... Speaking about Firestorm solution is to avoid those situations, not to use background like this (means to chose another camera angle or to derender the object(s) behind you etc). Maybe Black Dragon works in that case better than Firestorm, but I can't confirm that, because I don't have it installed ATM, so I can't test it. I just recall it has optional DOF for alpha layers and it can be very useful when you are about to "hide" this problem.
  13. Shadows caused by eyelashes

    If you dont mind to weaken other gentle shadows too, slider shadow bias can solve that, or at least to make it acceptable. Advanced level for solving bigger issues is to combine it with sliders for WL, to move east position and/or to change day time to reach better position of shadows, but in many cases the shadow bias is enough. This example was done witht this slider only, I didn't change WL. As you can see, the main shadow stays, so its still possible to make some face-shadows effect.
  14. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    YW! (And thanks).
  15. Thoughts on the Town Hall meeting?

    I wonder how many useful features are hidden "out there" and we don't know them because they aren't intuitive and easy to find...