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  1. Please stop using my image. It's false advertising. I have reported your stream to flickr, and your account to LL. https://www.flickr.com/photos/grazia-horwitz/16936053925/in/dateposted/
  2. Awesome, Alicia!! Congrats!
  3. Congrats Carthalis!! Great pic!
  4. What Marianne said. That gesture is not possible with SL hands. At maximum, the and itself can be animated to move back and forth, but that is about it. If It is a still pose, it might be an error from the creator, forgetting to animate the hand, even minimally, because if that is the case, the hand will remain in the position of the previously used pose.
  5. I am not worried about how other residents might see me... After all, since windlight was introduced, depending on one's settings, I will either look like a princess or the wicked witch of the west at any given time and I don't control the ability of other people's system to rez my sculpted clothign either. I am a bit sceptical about mesh for clothing though. Mesh clothing is not as editable to your avatar shape as sculpted prims, and unless the creator is willing to provide mesh clothing that is fitted for a variety of avatar shapes, I don't forsee a huge success for mesh clothing. The creator may provide you with a shape to wear their creations, but knowing how attached the average fashion aware resident is to their shape, I doubt that many people will make use of that. To be completely honest, I would be hesitant if I were required to go "model size" for any mesh creation. I do however expect a lot of mesh for shoes and accessoires. <3, Grazia GEEZ poses Graziasl.com
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