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getting a job


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You can check the InWorld Employment forum to see what's available.  Don't expect anything that pays more than pocket change, because there's very little need for unskilled labor in SL. If you are a skilled creator (3D modeller, scripter, animator, designer ... ) or a skilled performer (musician, DJ, ... ), you can open your own business.  It's very competitive, but if you carve a unique niche for yourself, you can do well enough and get some satisfaction.  The bottom line is that nobody comes to SL expecting to earn much money.  We work because we love creating things or whatever it is that we do.  After all, we could earn more in RL selling hamburgers.

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Of course the easy way to get some L$ is buy them.

If you prefer to earn some, Rolig has given you the basic facts of life in SL. However, you can find people looking for employees here:   https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/

You can visit clubs and often find places looking for employees. Use in-world search to find groups catering to employees and employers. Some are old and dead, others are new and kind of active.

You don't say how much you want to make. There are people that have made L$260,000,000 per year (net). Several have made L$13,000,000 per year. There are people that make their RL living using SL. I think all these people run a business. In-world jobs pay pennies per hour. Modelers and scripters are making decent RL money. Apparently there is still good money in SL real estate... which is probably an oxymoron. I wouldn't plan a long term business in real estate, things are changing. But, I could be wrong about that.

You might get a job as a bouncer. AKA a region or estate manager. Most of those jobs are about dealing with griefers, those causing problems in a region.

There are places that pay one to stand around (camping). Camping has lost popularity in SL. But, there are still some places.

Contests often have decent cash prizes. They range over a wide variety of competitions. Pictures, beauty, one and on. You can search this forum and find several. In-world search has 4600+ hits, but many of those are for products needed to run contests.

AND... there is gambling, well games of skill. But, they are not free. The house is the usual winner.

AND... ssssssssh... there is an adult sex trade.

If you are just wanting to get some clothes or home furnishings, there are freebie shops. There are a lot of them.

Also... there is Premium Membership. Being a member pays L$300/week. On an annual basis a premium account is VERY cheap.

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