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  1. Who else saw the trailer for this and was left feeling completely let down? When I heard Camron was coming on board for this one I had higher hopes. The T2 teaser trailer did more in 30-seconds then this trailer did in 2-3 minutes.
  2. It's not a glitch. You quoted me and then went on a rant and it really had nothing to do with what I said. That's why I am confused.
  3. huh? I am still trying to figure out why I was quoted in this ...
  4. I do, yes. If you'd like to see my comments you're welcome to read my previous posts in this thread.
  5. Yes, thank you. We already knew this. That is exactly why threads like this are so valuable. So buyers can be educated on the product and make a better decision for themselves. Do you own anything TMP? What does this even have to do with what we're talking about?
  6. I don't think you meant to quote me lmao. That was a quote from Alyona Su.
  7. Exactly. Your story sounds a lot like my own. I waited and waited, listened to their promises of updates that never came. Buyers today expect more and know more. Back then there was very little in the way of competition and people took their word at face value. They presented us with a new shiny thing to have and I am sure they've quickly realized that things have changed and people haven't forgotten.
  8. I think that goes without saying though. We are not salespeople for TMP and consumers are entitled to express their opinion of value. What discussions like this do is better arm consumers to make better purchasing decisions. The comparison of TMP to Genus/Genesis Labs is an apples to oranges comparison and for a lot of reasons.
  9. It could be that you have to change your foot position (flat, medium, high). If it still doesn't fit after doing that, then there is a good chance the shoe was rigged without the use of the dev kit. As you know, in the past, we had no other choice but to rely on advertisements to make purchasing decisions. Demos help give peace of mind, and more importantly, it can help to increase sales and even provide an opportunity for a lesser-known vendor to make a sale. It does not come as a surprise to me that I own more FATPACKS from the vendors which offer a FATPACK HUD with their demo.
  10. Initially, it does but you'll find that once you get the basics down it's relatively straightforward. I NEVER EVER want to go back to a time when we couldn't demo clothing. 😁
  11. Do you have an idea of what types of products you want to sell or what market you plan to cater too?
  12. Judging by the traffic there, it doesn't look like everyone's fully bought in. Anyone wanna start the clock on the server shutdown?
  13. Yea, most of us that had TMP already moved on to other bodies (i.e. Maitreya, SLINK, Belleza, etc) and this is clearly reflected in polling done at the time. TMP was my second body (1st was SLINK Physique) and even though I preferred the look of Belleza's body over Maitreya I was afraid of being in the same position as I was with TMP and that was not finding enough content rigged for it. I waited for roughly 6-months or so after the public release of the dev kit (and this was a long time after the body had been released) before moving on to Maitreya. By that time, it was still extremely rare
  14. While I can understand the frustration, this isn't a whole lot different from a landlord offering a fully furnished rental unit and that is extremely common. Most interior designers will have the client purchase the items directly from the creator and then move them into place for the client. If you really want to protect yourself, sell your product with no copy permissions, but I'd wager that would do more harm then good.
  15. I think most people already switched years ago (myself included). The original body was in BETA for something like 5-6 years! During that time, communication was nearly non-existent and there were 1 (maybe 2) updates during that timeframe.
  16. The OMEGA version will allow you to use that skin on other OMEGA compatible heads/bodies but bear in mind that not all skin creators offer an Omega version. If you do purchase an Omega skin, you will need their HUD for both the body and head (additional cost). If not, just make sure the skin you are looking at is compatible with both Maitreya and Catwa. Most skin vendors will sell the body and head appliers separately. If the vendor does not sell the body appliers directly, they will generally include a NC with the demo as to which vendor sells the matching body applier.
  17. I can tell you that my slimmer shape did not have very good results with the deformer. In fact, it was the opposite. I struggled to fit anything rigged for Maitreya with that shape. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the deformer is not included with the demo, most people will never realize what will fit or not fit until its too late. I suspect that the creators did not want people to have the option to test the deformer because of how spotty the results are. Instead, they'd rather you take their word for it and given their track record that might be hard for some to do.
  18. Agreed. That is one good reason why this body should have Omega support. Having that would have alleviated the direct support this body now requires.
  19. That's where this body will fail. As I've said before, I think most people could overlook some of the nuances of the body and HUD but when it came down to it, product support was abysmal and I suspect this time around will be no different. The lack of OMEGA support is just plain stupid and for a lot of reasons.
  20. They also have options for muscularity which is also nice. AMD also had a belly option.
  21. As someone who changes their shape often, I'd love to have a function that allowed me to save the numerical data and then quickly re-apply them to another shape without having to export/import. Whether or not it's possible is another story. 😊
  22. The new body looks really nice but then again so did the old one. I think a lot of people could ignore (even to some extent) all of the nuances that plagued the original body, but one thing that could not be overlooked was the lack of support from top tier creators. The mesh deformer that is included with the body (not available to demo) helps, but it is not the solution. The HUD has been improved, but I still experienced a considerable amount of lag (the old HUD was notoriously laggy) when interacting with Alpha layers and other core functions. There didn't appear to be a save state opti
  23. Not common at all. I applauded them for trying to do something different, but sometimes different isn't always better. After all the criticism their HUD system received, you would think that they would have either improved on it or ditched it outright.
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