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Second Life Maintenance: Moonshine ( is the new default release

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After a bit of a protracted battle with crashes, the Maintenance: Moonshine viewer has finally been promoted from RC to default release today.  You can always get the latest stable release from get.secondlife.com.  And yes, we do like the naming theme we've chosen. 

Moonshine was originally a slang term used to describe high-proof distilled spirits usually produced illicitly, without government authorization. In recent years, however, moonshine has been legalized in various countries and has become a term of art. Legal in the United States since 2010, moonshine is defined as "clear, unaged whiskey".

This deploy is filled with a jigger of crash fixes, a splash of translation fixes and a kick that will make you say "I can't feel my face anymore!"

New Features:

 Better information on animations: Develop->Avatar->Animation Info

  •  all '0000' cases don't happen for own avatar (it is fine for others)
  •  inventory animations display animation name
  •  in-world animations marked as such

Expanded Inventory:

  • Added Worn tab with option to show selection in Main panel
  • My Inventory > Gear menu > Show filters:
    • Created by me, Created by others
    • Search by Name, Description, Creator, UUID

Ongoing infrastructure work:

  • Increased minimum & default cache size. Added cache version guard. Additional work on viewer caches is ongoing.
  • Viewer will no longer hammer login during an outage.
  • Logging changes & cleanup.

Odd UI behaviors fixed:

  • If SLVoice process crashes, we’ll now disable the Speak button, so that you’re not laboring under false pretext.
  • Typing a slash in the internal browser no longer moves focus to the chat window.
  • You were not able to save login credentials on clean install, but now you are, thanks to Nicky Dasmijn.
  • Inventory & Marketplace Listings floaters had oddly small scroll zones.
  • System information was truncated in JIRA issues filed through "Help -> Report bug" when viewer language is not set to English. We like and use that information, so that’s fixed now.
  • Correctly display time & date in all languages in About Second Life.

Other odd behaviors made less odd:

  • Avatar used to stop near the region's border when crossing it with autopilot, but now it will boldly go where you told it to go.
  • In the past, local viewer wouldn’t show seated avatar following the seat object when object would move. Now everything moves smoothly as it should.
  • Changing avatar sex while sitting used to break animations until relogging. No longer!
  • If you cut an item and delete it, it will actually delete.
  • Flexi-prims used to flap wildly in a high-fps viewer, but will now flap no more than 60fps.
  • We now won’t allow you to add your own avatar to rendering exceptions list. Apparently, that makes you invisible.

Bucket of Bug fixes :

  • Videos will no longer keep playing in the internal browser after you’ve closed the browser window.
  • If you log in on a dev grid, you get that grid’s search.
  • Auto-open debug console if any "Info to Debug Console" operations are picked
  • Unicode install path FTL & other bugfixes.
  • Crash report was not generated/sent if appdata path contains unicode symbols. That’s bad, we want all the crashes.
  • Various crash fixes and speculative crash fixes.
  • Outfit Gallery was leaking memory. Now we give it back when done with it.
  • Outfit gallery would duplicate photos for an outfit in some cases. No more of that annoying behavior.
  • The "Confirm before deleting filtered items" notification no longer appears when deleting Marketplace listings
  • Several fixes to Avatar picker floater to better pick avatars with.
  • Search Places checkbox was not showing correctly to non-land-owners. That was weird.
  • Added missing translations.

You can go on to read the full release notes with a list of all fixed issues.

A list of all Release Candidates and other viewer projects in the works is on the wiki.  Of course, as always, we welcome your bug reports in Jira!

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33 minutes ago, arabellajones said:

The Starlight skins haven't been updated since February, and I haven't been able to get them working with the previous viewer version. I find the standard colour scheme to be horrible.

Is there an alternative source to this webpage? Or is the system dead?



You'll have to contact Hitomi Tiponi , she's the Starlight skin maintainer.
She also posts Starlight updates on the SLU forum, but her last update was in March for the LL 5.0.3 viewer - http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/viewer-xml-skinning/123113-starlight-5-0-1170-viewer.html

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Looking at how that SLUniverse thread continues, Starlight looks dead. Respectable people have asked about about later viewer versions, and there have been zero replies.

I gather it's officially too much work for the Lindens to bother with. At least, that's how I read the jargon they use in the JIRA.

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Well, the Starlight skins are Hitomi's project. LL won't pick up the work there, but any other Resident is free to take on the task of maintaining the skins if Hitomi doesn't.
You don't need to be able to code as such  to make viewer skins, it's all done with xml.

What's actually going wrong when you try to use the most recent Starlight skins in the current LL viewer?

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Nah, that bug isn't fixed yet when ALM is enabled.  Not just the moon, the stars are also black against clouds when ALM is enabled.

Stars: BUG-6000 -  Stars render black against lighter coloured night skies and against clouds when ALM is enabled.
Moon: BUG-5813 - The moon looks darker when Advanced lighting is enabled.

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