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Hiring Paid Assistant!

Paul Hexem

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Originally I posted in the Help Wanted section of the forums, but it was suggested to me that this could also be down here in the adult section as well, since it can have elements of that. That said, applicants that take the position seriously and as more than just an adult roleplay will be paid more.


Since my previous secretary stopped showing up and the replacement wore WAY too many layers of clothing, I am hiring!Pay scales up based on qualifications and attendance.


Basic requirements:

Minimum 18 years of age (this is SL, you never know!)


Understand basic SL usage

Understand the SL Marketplace

Able and willing to type documents, product descriptions, instructions professionally

Able to handle customer service inquries (however rare they may be)

Minimum of 10 hours per week attendance

Active hours should be between 9 PM and 9 AM SL time

Being able to use voice/Skype is a plus, but not required


Pay Scale:

L$ 100 per week: Show up, type some notecards/product descriptions/etc, sometimes test scripts or animations, sometimes help with names or design decisions, don't object to being occasionally objectified!

L$ 150 per week: Previous requirements, plus product bug testing, occassionally modeling for product and advertisement posters

L$ 200 per week + 15% sales commissions: Previous requirements, plus making prouct images for SL Marketplace (sales commissions active even if employment ends)

20 + hours attendance per week adds L$ 100 to each option

L$ 300 signing bonus after first week

L$ can be provided for work related expenses, including hair, clothing, or other modeling accessories


Attendance will be tracked via login script. Jealous boyfriends/husbands, screen filling gestures, or AO's using the ancient, freebie sexywalk will cause immediate termination.

Gadget's Gadgets is an equal opportunity employer and does not descriminate against furries, aliens, robots, or big boobed bimbos (as a matter of fact, being any or all of those things could be a bonus, especially that last one). 

If interested, send an IM (not a notecard) to Gadget Portal

See my marketplace store to get an idea of the types of things that will be typed: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67953

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I couldn't help but smile at this post and I hope you find someone that wants to play :D but you do realize that anyone actually after money can make more than that at the Realms and historically WAY more than that in a day "camping" (I know that isn't popular any longer). 


So just in case folks aren't beating down your door, that might be the reason.


Just saying. Not trying to start anything. I did indeed enjoy reading :D.   

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L$ 10 - L$ 15 per hour!  You must be joking!  I wouldn't even be a bot for that - not that I'd find employment as a bot anyway because I'm very short, very fat, very blue and very ugly but I'm happy that way.  Happily cynical and grumpy!

You say that you are an equal opportunities employer but you also say that you don not want people with a basic sexy walk AO.   That is a contradiction!


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Any host can make 300L$ in 2 hours anywhere on the grid, again...2 hours.  Getting hit on, modeling, plus the admin work for these rates per week...lol.  Your basically looking for a smart escort but cant afford her rates.  I'm all kinds of giggly.  Good luck.  Better hope you can find a pretty noob that doesn't know any better. 

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