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Help with Maitreya, no outfits fitting


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Hi everyone !


I am new to SL and bought a Maitreya mesh body. I slightly changed the shape of the "shape 1" furnished because I wanted a more personalized shape. It is great in my taste when she is nude now.


But it seems that every clothes (even those sold by Maitreya shop) can't fit her. (and I always use Maitreya compatible clothes, or those coming with a Maitreya applier).


I tried to use the initial shapes but to my surprise, it is the same problem than with my own shape : the breasts, the arms and the back are always too big and exceed the clothes.


So I tried to use the Maitreya Hud to hide those parts but as result there is obviously big holes on her low-necked/chest and she basicaly has no arms exceeding the sleeves so there's a gap beetween the sleeves and the hands. This is not what I want so there must be another way.


Then I bought an Omega system kit for Maitreya, but I kind of don't see how to use it since it does nothing to the problem so far.

Same problem when using applier for Maitreya after attaching the Omega relay.

Well, thos two tools are a complete mystery for me, nothing seemed to hapen when I used them. So, I do not understand what I have to do with all that...

I tried reloged too, just in case, but nothing changed.


I am completly lost and I am sure I am missing something. I think this is a common problem and I saw some questions about it in the forums, but it seems that I did not understand the answers given. I am french and can usually manage in english, but so far it was difficult to understand the process descritions I could find on the net ><


By the way, I am currently wearing :

- Maitreya mesh body - Alpha

- Maitreya mesh body - Feet 3.5

- Maitreya mesh body - Hand R 3.5

- Maitreya mesh body - Hand L 3.5

- Maitreya mesh body - HUD V3.5 Lara

- Maitreya mesh body - Lara V3.5

- Maitreya mesh body Lara shape 1 (modified)

- Omega system relay HUD for Maitreya v.07

- + skin, hair, eyes and brows


What am I doing wrong ? Could you help me, please ?


Have a good day and best regards !

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I wonder if you use the Maitreya fit, and not Belleza fit, Slink fit, or any other size included? Clothes are usually sold with many different sizes for different types of avatars.

I have the Maitreya body, and the clothes like this: http://sl-maitreya.blogspot.no/ fits perfect. There are some older clothes sold in the Maitreya store, that was made before the mesh body. Maitreya work to update those, but they have not finished all the updates.

Have you asked for help in the Maitreya support group?

I hope you try on demos before you spend money. If you don't like the demo fit, the full priced clothing will have just the same issues.

Finally, this blog: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ can help you? It has tutorials, not of the newest Maitreya body, but the HUD should work mostly the same.

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Hi Talistoria,

It shouldn't matter which shape you use, Maitreya's or your own. The mesh body adapts except when you want almost flat breasts, which Lara can't handle.

Some creators make clothes for Maitreya Lara that do not fit correctly requiring the use of the alpha hud, in particular with breasts and nipples, so it's essential to try demos. Some are so off a good fit they are best avoided. Creations by those who have access to the full Lara details usually work perfectly and can be considered 'fitmesh'.

I can't think why Maitreya's own clothes are not fitting you. Recheck that you are wearing the Maitreya Lara alpha. Try Blueberry's clothes too. Their creations all fit perfectly. You could also try rezzing a new Lara folder from the original box. If you don't have it still, you can get redelivery from the terminal at the back of the Maitreya store.

If you like I can meet you inworld at an agreed time and see if I can help.

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Some standard mesh clothing & even some that say they fit Maitreya Lara don't fit perfectly even with the alpha layers turned on. Tops that have  V-neckline can show a tiny bit of the invisible skin. Always try the demos for mesh clothing before you buy to be sure. Try a couple different sizes too, if it's not fitted mesh. You might also wear an applier layer for your tops sometimes, with mesh other mesh clothes like a jacket, sweater & pants or skirt.

Also join the Maitreya Lara Friends & Mesh Body Addicts groups for in-world help.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2710 days.

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