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  1. Female avis i love thicker shapes. ultra skinny ladies are always a turn off for me. Male avis tis hard to explain, but that aestetic body is an auto-turnoff for me.
  2. confirmed. i suspected people acting that way towards you where just mirroring your own *****ty behavior, but now i don't have to suspect <3
  3. your two previous threads where you talking about how you can't get friends because of your "backround" and then your race. now its this.
  4. I think rudeness needs to happen if its deserved. if you get triggered because i rate your one star worthy item with one star and decide the best thing to do is to im me with your triggeredness over the coarse of 3 months untill i decide i'm out of popcorn and block you (really happened) you better bet i'm gonna get hellah rude sister. another thing is people on sl come from different backgrounds, upbringings, and cultures. so even if you think you've been decidedly mild you may have done something to spark the rudeness. also do you make or post on any threads where you arn't complaining about something?
  5. I'd be getting rid of more of my maitreya only gacha items but last time i tried selling them on the mp someone im'd me screaming at me for copybotting since i was only selling them for 50l. sheash lady sorry i'm not charging 500l for one god damn no copy item that i don't even want! Other then that i've been rooting out all of my old prim hairs and all of my lsl layer clothing.
  6. merry belated thiccmas. Complete avatar revamp. Belleza body completely broke itself so i dug something i've been keeping for a while out of my "never use" pile and purchased some clothing for it. it doesn't look that bad!
  7. If it doesn't cost 5,000 lindens then just go with it gurl but if its expensive then i get it.
  8. Baught a new head and my normal skin + facial makeup combo doesn't look right on it anymore, so i built up a new look. sad i can't keep my hemomage look but we'll see when i can afford a new skin. right now i guess succubus also works for me!
  9. I have to question why anyone entering the sim would give a flying ***** why and who is banned from rental and why anyone thinks a name and shame is necessary. This screams of someone who adores drama and attention it gives. no wonder this person sees more greifers then the rest of us combined. I have to even wonder if they like the greifers only because they give them drama to talk about.
  10. This is a terrible idea. It would be like weilding a sledgehammer where you only need a scalpel. I can tell you for one this is insulting. I've been a free resident for years and I've spent thousands on lindens. While alot don't like me for how outspoken i am, I don't appriciate being lumped in with copybotters or greifers.
  11. I feel the same way about the standard. I use belleza as a main body but i also own 2 ulukie bodies, both slink, maitreya, tonic curvy, lena lush, and tmp (regretibly) as well as a bunch of "indie" ones and they all have one thing in common for me. "well its better then the default body".
  12. The applier does add the script yes, but every time its re-worn the script becomes unresponsive and needs to be re-added via the hud. you can't just reset them either due to nomod.
  13. I can tell you I had a really bad experience starting as a newbie with a love for vampires. Alot of clans are pretty toxic, and yes alwin you don't "need" those things, but they make everything -so- much easier. If you've ever played other games with exp boosts for sale, you know what I'm talking about.
  14. FIrst was slink, hated the shape of it. second was tmp, but they're shady and i can't even use my own skins and tats with it (ntm why are there spikes coming from the shins?). third was maitreya, but i hate the shape of that aswell. now i use belleza freya and honestly, never going back. the shape is just perfect for me and to me is just beautiful. gotta have some thunder on them thighs knowhatimsayin? plus added bonus is i only needed to install omega, then toss the hud out ratehr then with maitreya and slink having to dig it up every time i want to use an omega applier on it. also belleza has given out dev kits recently, but from what i hear they're working on an update and are busy. i personally don't believe it'll ever update but whatever. people believe what they want to believe.
  15. I know i've got enough in there, but it continues to say "there was a problem with your payment method"
  16. Decided to try a neko av without reaching into the anime world. i think i nailed it.
  17. I already own the head, the but its kinda limited imo and it doesn't look good with all skins.
  18. Checking out the demos now. surprized me how nice the animations look compared to my current one.
  19. Does lelutka have bento demos now? i remember trying to demo their first one but the demo only had the non-bento version in.
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