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Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Heya Dee, Lia, Hippie, Wildcat, Lil, Cinn and all! Yawn, just woke up from my Sunday nap. Yep, great vids Dee! Lol it was grand! Cant wait for July for the next sim super-crash, lol. Love you all happy hippies! ---> that is supposed to be a heart: :heart:


OMG the tongue on that Cat Vall!  HEHEH!  Hugs!



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Okay, I abadoned my Lindenhome now, and opend up a ticket for the abandond land I want to own. Here's fingers crossed I did everything right. Can't wait! Woho! 

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goodmorning everyone .... many hugs and kisses .... the friendship of each one of you here in the forum, feeds or inworld made me feel like a Millionaire today :smileyhappy: *meows*

"Where there is cheese, there are rats
  Wherever there are rats, there are cats
  Wherever there are cats there are dogs................."


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valerie Inshan wrote:

Good morning everybody! Hugs and kisses for all! Yay for the fire, Hippie. It's badly needed these days in France, such a freezing cold, brrrrrrrr!!!!


Morning Val!  Oh yes.  I have heard in the news about the cold snap in Europe.  /me sends you some Florida Sunshine!




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