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[GUIDE] HUD Essentials: control and fun for your Second Life!

Torley Linden


What's a HUD?

In Second Life, objects can be worn on one of the eight HUD (short for heads-up display) attachment points. HUDs are essential to understand, since every SL Resident eventually comes across them sooner or later.

A HUD typically consists of a control panel with different buttons you can click on to do context-specific stuff. Some HUDs are "passive" and only meant to be looked at, not touched.

While general attachments appear on your avatar's body and other Residents can see them, HUDs are only visible to you and have a fixed viewpoint, similar to how they're used in video games and apps. However, the scripted effects of a HUD, like emitted chat, can be visible to other Residents and objects.

HUDs are an evolution of user interaction in SL: before HUDs, Residents were limited to typing commands in chat or touch dialogs (pop-up windows with choices to click on). These methods are still used — sometimes in tandem with HUDs — but HUDs are often more visually attractive and user-friendly, making them approachable.

Objects specifically designed to be used like that may have "HUD" in their name to tell you where they'll appear, or they may have "(wear me)" in their name.

This video quickly gets you started on the basics:



Yes, HUDs are mighty fine for games in Second Life too. Wanna learn more?

Check out our guide to HUDs

... and share your fave HUDs and tips & tricks for all things HUD-related in the comments!

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Nearly 3 years in SL and I didn't realise you can edit and move a HUD like you can a prim; I thought you were limited to the pre-defined areas.


Thanks, Torley; I'm (still) such a noob

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Thank you very much Torley for this vido guide.I'm sure ,it will be very usefull for several resident.But, could you add a little part about "How to found a Hud that is out of my screen?",a lot of people doesn't know how to do when hud is out of the screen area.


Thanks, Torley take care.

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Until recently (V2) Huds could only be moved by 2 of the 4 positioning arrows, which made it look like they were unmoveable

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@flip Huds are attachments that you find free in world, or buy in-world or in the marketplace. You could also make your own but being new, it might take a while as you will need to learn to build and script to make a HUD. One of (if not the) most common hud used is an animation override (which lets you change your walking, standing, etc.). Here is an example from the marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Marketplace/46065 (This just showed up in a google search, I am in no way advocating this product).

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!HELP!  i bought a equestria's pride pony avatar and when i wear any of my huds i got with it nothing happens!!! could you tell me how to use it? !HELP!:matte-motes-crying:

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