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  1. Hi, as a EU resident, in, 2014 Linden Lab asked me to sign a W8BEN to verify my identity Do i have to send the informations you already have again? thanks
  2. Hello, yes only if you did not empty the trash folder in your inventory . If you cleaned the trash too your folder is definitively lost.
  3. Hi fairy here a link where you will find your answer, see the" changing associated item with listing " parthttp://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-your-Marketplace-store/ta-p/700191 Have a nice day
  4. Hello , You will need to submit a ticket under Marketplace herehttp://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  5. Hi Cid, go to preference/User interface /General then search for "Show media controls in top menu" is on the 7th checkbox line down from the top, to the right of "Show lag meter."
  6. hello Jonah, I got this issue too, try to tp you a second time and your eyebrow will back normally. With the last version of the V3 the problem no longer exist
  7. Bonjour oeda, Utilisez vous une connection wi-fi ou bien est ce que votre ordinateur est directement relié à votre connection par un cable ethernet ? Si ce n'est pas le cas essayez d'utiliser un câble, car le wi-fi ne fait pas toujours bon ménage avec second life .
  8. Thank for your answer Rolig, it's appear it is the problem.But, I use the direct delivery merchant outbox since its launch, ( and try a lot of time to make purchase with alts, to be sure everything is right), Just an another mystake ..but fixed. Thank you again
  9. Hello, one of my customer purchased an item on my markeplace store, and when it was delivered, he received 44 items in the received folder ,all mine of course . My associate purchase one too and same thing happen . So I have unlisted all my items from marketplace and send a support ticket to LL and I'm waiting for an answer .I would like to know if someone got the same issue ? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi Harliew, Try CTRL 0 ,or CTRL 9 . I hope this help you
  11. Hello Synthius, Just because you are using a low LOD (level of detail) go to the preference tab---graphic---advanced--mesh detail t-- then increase objects low to mid or hight.
  12. Hi Taynelue, As Nyll said it's an issue, you can temporally fix it with: turn of basic shaders, rebake and turn it on again.
  13. Thank you for hightlight this pick ) @Creag , I don't know who annd how the picks are selected @ Malcom Thank you @ Orisca: Thank you very much, and the skin is the marvellous Ry0ta Exonar's work , he owns a store called Prodigal , and all the skins displayed are incredible!!!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ho%20Su/74/7/22
  14. Bonjour chris1002 Votre maison ainsi que tous les objets qu'elle devait contenir ont probablement du être renvoyés par votre propriétaire.Lorsque une personne vous renvoit vos objets, ils se retrouvent dans le dossier "Lost and Found" de votre inventaire,sous forme"coalesced item" 'un amalgame de cubes. Cherchez dans le dossier "lost and found" de votre inventaire, un objet qui a une icone formée par plusieurs cubes, Allez sur une sandbox, ou tout autre terrain assez vaste pour pouvoir rezzer l'objet. Et vous devriez retrouver tous vos objets.il ne vous restera plus qu'à les récupérer un a
  15. Bonjour Aliane, En principe, ce genre de problème ce règle tout seul ....en patientant mais, si cela perciste prenez contact avec le propriétaire de la sim et demandez lui de la redémarrer ,cela forcera le serveur à deconnecter votre avatar .
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