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  1. Hi, as a EU resident, in, 2014 Linden Lab asked me to sign a W8BEN to verify my identity Do i have to send the informations you already have again? thanks
  2. Thank you for hightlight this pick ) @Creag , I don't know who annd how the picks are selected @ Malcom Thank you @ Orisca: Thank you very much, and the skin is the marvellous Ry0ta Exonar's work , he owns a store called Prodigal , and all the skins displayed are incredible!!!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ho%20Su/74/7/22
  3. By this post, We would like to send a BIG thank you! to all our awesome customers, all "A Haunted Manor" visitors, all nice quotes in their blogs, all the friends who supported our project. A friendly thanks to fleur2sable Tracy, a brillant and talented machinima artist for her video.And thank you to Gabby Linden, for her visit at our first location. You are still welcome to visit us before October 31st.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/154/230/21 
  4. Thank you very much Torley for this vido guide.I'm sure ,it will be very usefull for several resident.But, could you add a little part about "How to found a Hud that is out of my screen?",a lot of people doesn't know how to do when hud is out of the screen area. Thanks, Torley take care.
  5. I totally agree with Pentasis about Jira,it's like to talk with a rock or a wall ( I'don't know if this expression is used in english) And I think that the major problem of the not success of V2 was to have launched the RC too fast.Many users do not know to what is of use a rc,and for the V2 launch their opinion and feel were concentrated on bug,rather than novelties. And after this ? Mesh import with crashes and bugs or an accomplished viewer without old non fixed bug? Remind you: the speed is not good for the quality.
  6. Thank you to the Team for these improvements. In particular for what I'm calling "the selection beam is back" (after 6 month ,probably my beam was in hollydays),Now with this beta version I have a lovely curious sky background that looks as a mega prim in the sky ....oh good news, the block change his colour with time setting....orange at sunrise, green for midday...invisible at midnight....... Mouselook mode is so cute too,now I can see my hair,piercing,eyes balls greattttt ....That's perfect,you're in the right way ,don't change anything. I'm a V2 user since it's launch and i was confiant
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