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  1. Seeing how he is replying to a viewer update post that states you need to verify email address to receive offline IMs to emails he is asking the question in the right place
  2. My assumptions come from what the posts say, not being able to log in and user kick indicates that they are doing maintenance on user info, and if i remember right with the new HTTP cloud, they have groups and asset in the same sets. Sims being restarted multiple times would indicate that the servers they are on are being worked on, and when a sim restarts it moves to an available server
  3. It's simple, the Wednesday maintenance is asset server maintenance which they do frequently. The week long maintenance is the sim servers, which is why sim are getting restarted more than once.
  4. Having the incorrect time and date on your system could be a problem caused by a failing CMOS battery, if it happens at every start up i suggest you change it.
  5. It will run good but not good enough to have shadows on all the time, maybe for pictures only. If your planning on not leaving the house with it I would suggest you invest in a desktop PC as laptops aren't generally that great for gaming. You may also want to invest in a 7200rpm drive, it will make running sl better for cache as it will reach the files faster.
  6. You have 200/200 FiO and you left your bandwidth slider at default and your wondering why your viewer is halting trying to load 50k items at 500 kbps
  7. some items are scripted that a menu will only pop up once sat upon, they do not come with poseballs and have animations built into the prims already.
  8. your graphics is on board graphics, it is in no way powerful enough to run shadows at all, if you want to see sl in all its glory you will ned a computer with a dedicated graphics card.
  9. Just to clarify that he already has 8 gigs of ram in his system, it is more then likely the the last update with that viewer has caused the IGP over heat. If your system is not a laptop could you possible get yourself a cheap graphics card to help your system so you arnt running on an old IGP. (make sure its nothing second hand cause there could be any sort of faults with it) a cheap uptodate card for example http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0084LE1XY/ref=asc_df_B0084LE1XY11476644?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B0084LE1XY
  10. 5400rpm is standard for laptops... but you would expect for such a gaming laptop like that it would have an SSD included... hench why dell have no idea what they are doing with computer hardware. and you must remember that laptop version are lower voltage then there desktop counterparts so they can run of the battery, so nothing is overkill when it comes to them.
  11. It is more then likely that it would be slower then receiving info from the Linden based serves as they would have a 1 gigabit (120MBps) / 10 Gigabit (1.2GBps) upload speeds where as home users would likely have under 100Megabits (12 MBps) upload.
  12. Alienware arnt as good as they used to be i would try another option, there is Cyberpower and OriginPC that both do custom laptop aswell, shop around and see if you can get some disccounts from sales they may be having.
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