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[VIDEO] Can't see? Get a new perspective, change your camera angle!

Torley Linden


  • Hey, are you having problems with the Second Life camera cutting into low ceilings and walls?
  • Or maybe it's too close to your avatar and you want more breathing room?
  • Perhaps you're filming a movie and want more cinematic vantage points.
  • Maybe you'd like to increase your field of view so your peripheral vision can see when a Linden is going to hit you with a concussive round of snowballs!

Yes, that's right, in time for the LINDENS VS. RESIDENTS SNOWBALL FIGHTS taking place today (Dec. 16, 2010) and tomorrow (where? when?), contrary to my self-preservation's best interests, this video shows you how to you can fine-tune your camera offset angles so you can truly get a better, personalized view of your world as you walk and fly around.


You can download Viewer 2.4 Beta and there's also general info about Advanced menu.

Special thanks to Skate Foss for giving me Guu Nishii's chill bazooka, and Paulette Parx and the Stepford team — they aim for realistic proportions with their suburban living:



Want to go even further?

Scripted camera gadgets allow you to automate camera angle changes. Two of my faves are Penny Patton's Camera Control HUD (free!), which gives you an over-the-shoulder, "video game-like" perspective, and Rian Jayaram's Dvandva Region Snap (L$100), which lets you get birds-eye pictures of a region like this one of Stepford, BEHOLD!


You'll never see our virtual world the same way again.

What are your fave camera tips?


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Yeah, Keli, I might be accused of "collaborating with the enemy"... wouldn't that be something, ha-ha! Well I also did let Lindens know about the thread you instigated so all's fair in love and war.

Thx for the weapons pointers! Bang-bang.

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Another camera attacment is one that's been around forever, TinyCam II.  It's only L$42 and has two seperate quick settings.  I use it for my feral avatars as well as my regular avatars (in "Bigger" mode), it makes moving around indoors much easer.

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I use what I suppose is the original TinyCam, which is free (least, that's how I got it); it's handy for playing short humans as well as tinies.  I upgraded it a bit to use a different setting when I'm seated or when I'm sitting.

The Front View is great; it's the only button I use in the View menu.  Is there any way for a script to emulate Front View (I can't seem to figure out how), or can it be given a shortcut via a skin?

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Im currently using Phoenix, I have no idea what suddenly happen when was in game, the camera just focused towards the ceiling and sky.  I have used control and 9 and nothing is work, please can anyone help

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NECROPOST!   Nobody will see what you write if you tack it onto someone else's question two years later.  You got lucky that Irene was watching this one.  :smileytongue:

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