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Thank you Storm, and nice of you to say so.   Hola Likrinity, mucisimas gracias... bueno, por lo menos el foto tiene color!

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One of many beauties you have taken Miles.  You are a master with the sl light and now lots of lucky people will get to see! YAY!

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You are way too kind Joey, and I seem to have been under the spotlight myself  recently!!  I particularly enjoy lighting the images, dragging as much light as possible around, on and through the subject......., but the real credit has to go to the sim builders/designers....Thanks Joey :)

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Hello Soleil Black Cat, Yes, all the warmth of the Autumn colors, good thoughts of walking though woods and forests this time of the year. ....Thanks :)

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What a discovery :) 

I'm truly blown away by your photo captures in SL! Thank you so much for sharing through your Flickr profile too.. Prolific and talented!!

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