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  1. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Well done !!!
  2. Wow....simply W-O-W !!!!!!!! :matte-motes-inlove:
  3. Wow, this is really very nice !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice !!! :robotvery-happy:
  5. Retro style !!!! Perfect !!!!!!! :matte-motes-sarcasm:
  6. I love sailing !!!!!! Amazing picks !!!!!!! :smileylol:
  7. mmmm, we will see if it's good
  8. Mmmmmmmm...no, I didn't get it ! I don't like it !! :manindifferent:
  9. @Jahman Ochs I understand your mood, but I wish to remember an important thing: SL is whatever users wants to be because they are the REAL Second Life. It's a platform created by Linden Labs where programmers, modelers and virtual artists are god-like^^ (they create everything existing on SL, SL is what they made throught years). So it's sure SL is a platform game like it's a social network like it's an erotic chat like whatever-you-want.... So the question is: what's for you ? Why are you spending your money on SL ? To buy a land and create your own world/club ? To have your own home in a
  10. Warm picture, but make me feel lonely...a melancholy Christmas pic...
  11. Mmmmm I don't like at all. I love esotic pics, especially chinese's, but this doesn't make me feel nothing....
  12. You did a great work, I wish you can keep on this fantastic project !!! Best wishes !!
  13. It's very pleasant when you know someone has found a way out from a black hole in her/his life. But when I heard about such things in SL, I think it's very incredible !!! I'm not that good, never found my talent since 2008 (when I joined SL), so I have to give compliments to you and to who gave you the chance to show your skills to all the world !!!!! Best wishes !!
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