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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Harper Beresford - Giving: In Fashion for Spring

Linden Lab


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

From dressing up our avatars to taking photographs to blogging, modeling, socializing and checking each other out, fashion is a cornerstone of fun in SL.

But fashion can be more fun — it can benefit fellow residents. Since SL was born, people realized that the sale of content could not only go to people’s income but could also be used to raise funds and awareness for charities and worthy causes.

This month — March 10 to 20 — Fashion for Life will make giving the most fashionable thing you can do. Across 10 sims with over 200 designers participating, it’s the opening event for the Relay for Life SL in SL. Over 300 residents will be participating to make this the charity event of fashion in SL.

One-hundred percent of proceeds gathered from sales of specially-made and donated content, raffles, and gachas will go to the Relay for Life SL general fund, with everything going to the American Cancer Society. Last year Fashion for Life contributed over 5 million Lindens to the Relay for Life general fund. This was just a fraction of the $375,000 USD Relay for Life SL was able to send to the American Cancer Society, who supports cancer research, prevention, and patient advocacy around the world.

Even more important, however, is that this very public effort is a reminder to our friends in SL who are touched by cancer that our support is behind them, whether they are a survivor, a caretaker, or a loved one. Just seeing us rally together gives them a lot of hope.

Check out some of the beautiful pieces exclusive to Fashion for Life. Kimmera Madison made this beautiful dress and intricate jewelry exclusively for Fashion for Life. Based on our theme, “It’s Time,” the dress features an intricate laced-up corset bodice and flowing skirts in our signature colors of fuchsia and purple. The jewelry is made of clocks and watches. The saturated colors fit in on the 70s-themed Mondrian-styled sim, DreamSeeker Tijd, built by Nigel Riel.


Angel6 Susanti decided to create a timeless piece to match the theme of Roscko Cobalt’s fantastic sim at DreamSeeker Czaswith an angelic “Timeless” dress, complete with wings.

A bit of romance can be found on the Rathmeous Dagger-built DreamSeeker Epoque sim when you wear this gorgeous dress created especially for Fashion for Life by Mirja Mills.

Many contemporary pieces will be sold as well. Take, for instance, this outfit from LeeZu Baxter, which includes a mesh skirt that will be sold exclusively at Fashion for Life. Shown at the DreamSeeker Volta sim, built by Troy Vogel and based on an Art Deco futureview, this chic ensemble is perfect for spring weather.

Giving money to a charity and receiving the bonus of getting beautiful avatar fashion is a great benefit in SL. You have the fun of shopping while giving money, and that's the best fashion for the season!


Harper Beresford is lead for Fashion for Life and writes about Second Life fashion on her blog  “A Passion for Virtual Fashion.” Her work has appeared in Architectural Digest (Italy) and numerous other outlets.



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