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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger Vixie Rayna - A Mesh Affair

Linden Lab


Spring 2012 will be all about embracing the innovative world of MESH in Second Life®. Mesh really is going to drive our community forward and offer our creators a platform to share things there were difficult or impossible through prims or sculpties. If you haven't really given mesh a chance, now is a wonderful time to explore this brave new world.

Right now the MIX + MESH Fair is in full swing. From Feb. 25 through March 11, it's a fashion-centered event highlighting some amazing designers who are using mesh. AVENUE produced the event, which hosts numerous fashion shows, shopping and contests, showcased around a full mesh build. Nardya Rousselot is the mastermind of the stunning build, which you can visit today. Check out the wonderful possibilities mesh has, as a tool not only for fashion designers, but for all content creators in SL.

A Mesh Affair by Vixie Rayna Mix and Mesh Runway.jpg


Mesh is really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, and most designers supply several standard sizes to suit most avatars. The first outfit, a yellow jumpsuit by R.icielli, is a single mesh attachment worn with glitch alpha layer.


A Mesh Affair by Vixie Rayna Yellow Jumpsuit.jpg

The small size fit my avatar nicely. It moves and bends with your avatar in ways that were difficult with prims. I adore the color, and it's a great classic piece for any wardrobe. Add a few vibrant accessories and you can really make this look your own.

A Mesh Affair by Vixie Rayna Yellow Jumpsuit 2.jpg

Another great feature of mesh is the extremely detailed textures designers are able to create. Faint Paulse, of Ladies Who Lunch, has made great use of this with her new collection. It offers a seamless level of detail that previous system clothing made very difficult.


A Mesh Affair by Vixie Rayna Birds of a Feather.jpg

This mix-and-match outfit includes a prim feather top paired with a patterned mesh skirt. Details like layered feathers add a whimsical and unique touch the outfit.

A Mesh Affair by Vixie Rayna Birds of a Feather 2.jpg

You too can find the fun of mesh by exploring new builds, transporting yourself in the latest mesh automobile or discovering your own personal style using mesh fashions!

Style Cards:

Yellow Jumpsuit Apparatus
Hair -
Sugarsmack by Accountant Adzebills - Adora in Latte Cake
Skin -
R.icielli by Fhara Acacia - EOS Pale in Makeup14
Eyes -
MADesign by Maddox Dupont - Nature in Inksea
Outfit -
R.icielli by Fhara Acacia - One Shoulder Jumpsuit in Yellow
Clutch -
Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa - Queen Hobo in Red
Bellballs by Viollette Vyper - Diamon Firework in Gold
Nails -
Candy Nail by peche Bury- #p025 in Tresor Red
Ring -
Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia - Atma
Shoes -
NX-Nardcotix by Nardya Rousselot - Shana in Origami Special Edition

Birds of a Feather:
Hair -
Lelutka by Thora Charron - Charlize in Bournville
Skin -
R.icielli by Fhara Acacia - EOS Pale in Makeup14
Eyes -
MADesign by Maddox Dupont - Nature in Inksea
Outfit -
Ladies Who Lunch [LWL] by Faint Paulse - Mix + Mesh Outfit #3
Nails -
Candy Nail by peche Bury - #p039 Dress Up Leopard
Boots -
Ladies Who Lunch [LWL] by Faint Paulse - Escarpa in Black Lady

Manifeste by July Raymaker

5ifth Order Animation Array
by Jonny Dusk

About the Author: Vixie Rayna is a noted fashion expert and Second Life resident. Her passion for the community is evidenced by her work as Fashion Editor of AVENUE Magazine, Chief Marketing Officer of OGlam, Manager of NX-Nardcotix, Manager of [sYs] Design, [Leezu!] Top Model and Modavia Supermodel. She enjoys discovering the beauty of our world and promoting the amazing content creators who make this all possible. You can see her personal take on style via her Love&Fashion Blog and Flickr.



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