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Fresh Fashion Guest Blogger siXX Yangtz - Starting a Male Fashion Blog

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The best advice I would give male bloggers is to decide the purpose of your blog and approach it as you would start a business in SL.

Of course, there are a plethora of other decisions to make, but I only have 500 words or less! It’s YOUR blog, YOU make the decisions, and YOU set the tone.

Before hitting the “publish” button in creating YOUR blog you need to come up with a disclosure statement. What do you WANT to blog? What can the viewer expect from your blog and what can they NOT expect? Do you want to blog like the popular and well-known
(ir)regular guy who is consistent, dependable and fresh? Do you want to blog more modern fashion like everyone's loveable vampire Winter Jefferson? Or do you want to blog hilarious storylines with popping styles and a more edgy approach, like Bouncer? What are you willing or not willing to blog? YOU make these decisions. At first it’s a flattering feeling to finally win over a designer’s eye and you may feel the need to blog the hell out of it! But once you start rocking the blogosphere, can you keep up with the blogging? How many hours are you willing to contribute? These are all things to consider and put in writing and make a permanent page on your blog outlining all this so there are no confusions or upset designers/readers. Here are an example of a few… Mine, Strawberry Singh, Harlow Heslop.


My blog is probably one of the more controversial, whereas you have your hardcore blogger types who feel “NO PHOTOSHOPING THE PICS, I can’t tell if it’s going to look like THAT on me once I buy it! Grrrr!” Or you have your bloggers who say, “Take more pics, I can’t see the back of that shirt! Grrrr!” Or, you have some, like me, who DO Photoshop some pics because I like to capture a cool image of what I BOUGHT (if I can) in a more artistic approach. (Of course, I win some and lose some).)SO… I have found I need to be sure and make that information known on my DISCLOSURE page, so if anyone yells at me I can kindly copy/paste a link and invite them to read my disclosure where I clearly state “I may sometimes photoshop some of my work.” That way, we all remain friends and keep getting invited to the next party!

My last advice in male fashion blogging is probably the most-ignored. Guys… use a GREAT pose. Although the pose has nothing to do with fashion, IMHO, the pose can make or break a good pic. Choose a quality pose that makes your AV look like he has great body flow — it REALLY does add to the clothes you’re trying to show off. I have found some of the more quality male poses from Diesel Works, Muism, LAP and Adorkable, among many others.

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