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Best of Halloween Host: Kiana Writer

Linden Lab



So, what’s your favorite scary story this Halloween?

Praying Mary, Moonkiller, Skinner and the idiot savant who can draw people’s auras suddenly were filling up my mind with their evil agendas, begging me to bring them to life. The family of lunatics started to grow and desperately needed a home for roaming around. I tried to stop them, push them in the back of my mind, hoping they could wait for a little bit longer, till there was more time.. but once an evil seed has been planted, it grows without feeding.

mary millar copy.jpg


A mad asylum needed to be built for this story. When I approached the team in August asking if we could make an interactive and immersive asylum with a kick-ass story — and why not at the same time make that into a grid-wide hunt involving 50 high-quality stores? —  I was expecting more resistance. With a little bit of bribing, blackmailing and cheese throwing, they were all willing to work extremely hard to make sure this mad idea would become a reality and MadPea would be able to provide an unforgettable adventure for Halloween.


Little by little the mysterious foggy swamp took over the whole island. It used to belong to a Native American tribe, who had very bizarre methods for draining souls from the evil-doers. Many, many years later, the highly anticipated Peatonville Asylum gets built on the swamp. Top-class doctors and staff were hired to treat the most severely mentally damaged patients and a special large grant was assigned to this rehabilitation program, aiming to use new technologies and methods in making the patients fit for society again. The program started to show tremendous progress in a short amount of time, until it all went wrong. One by one they start dying in the most gruesome ways and when help finally arrives, there is no one left to tell the story. Only a journal and shards of an ancient stone remain. Dare to enter this scary mystery? Environment rich of sounds, details, spooky elements and interactivity will keep you entertained for hours and in the end you will be exhausted with a big smile on your face and inventory full of goodies. Built with love, blood, sweat and other wonderful bodily fluids, the Peatonville Asylum awaits..



About the author: Kiana Writer has been a prominent game creator in Second Life for several years. As a co-founder of MadPea Games, Kiana has helped to create several popular games including The Devil's Labyrinth, The Kaaos Effect and Virtual Medical Doctor. Her newest co-creation, The Peatonville Asylum, debuts Oct. 28.


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My favorite Halloween Story.

One night I was venturing into my attic and found a device that looked like a portal of somekind, leading to another dimension maybe?. As curious as I was as to how that device got there, maybe it belonged to a previous owner of the house or maybe it just appeared out of no where. I guess we will never know.



I started fiddling with it and thought maybe the the little runic symbols resemble the five elements. Fire, Water, Nature, Earth and Metal. So what If this is like a puzzle, what happens when I balance the five elements? I was scared. Eventually the portal opened and a blinding bright light of somekind came through the core.


Outcame something, well scary? cute? interesting? I wasn't sure. But I was curious and so was the creature. I reached out to him and he held my hand. After doing some digging in the archives of history, we found that these creatures were called "Yumenexaria Icarus" (in short Yumi) and resided in another dimension!

Yumenexaria Icarus: A winged creature that traveled from with the great path of the nexus of five elements.


They were very bright, intelligent and colorful creatures. One of them immediately took a liking to my wife. My lovely Akaesha Revnik. She called her Aeva! Bright halloween colors emanated from her. She hopped on to my wife's shoulder and held on. 


Happy Halloween!

Cytherion Revnik

Founder, Bands of Cypher.


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Thanks all! The building is created by P4ndor4 Quintessa and she truly captured the whole spirit of this game. I honestly can't wait to open and hear your first expressions and feedback. Hope to see you all there, Peatonville Asylum opens on Friday at 3pm SLT and I will be hosting on the forum from 9am till 4pm STL. Yayyy! Will be so much fun!

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