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  1. Hello! MadPea Games is looking for talented 3D designers to join our mad family! Experience is a must! We need designers for all kinds of things: From game props to large game builds, characters, funny gadgets, torture devices, cute plushies etc etc etc.. you name it! Flexible hours and constant work available. You pick what you'll make and your name will be in the final products! If you're interested, fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/1R7IiMnVFNZjkoFz1 Read more about us here: www.madpeagames.com
  2. Hello to my fellow hosts! I'm so honoured to be involved in this wonderful event and so excited about this Halloween season! Hope we will have a lot of people participating & sharing. Can't wait! Kiana
  3. Thanks all! The building is created by P4ndor4 Quintessa and she truly captured the whole spirit of this game. I honestly can't wait to open and hear your first expressions and feedback. Hope to see you all there, Peatonville Asylum opens on Friday at 3pm SLT and I will be hosting on the forum from 9am till 4pm STL. Yayyy! Will be so much fun!
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