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Einstein Avatar Creation Competition

Linden Lab




Design the official avatar for Albert Einstein and win one of $2,500 in U.S. cash prizes! Full details of the contest, which is presented by the Institute for Medical Research Canada-Israel in association with Remedy Communications, can be found on the official contest site. Contest entries are due by Sept. 9.



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  • Submission: Submit no later than 11:59 PM (2359hrs) Eastern Standard Time, September 16, 2011

that was found on the "official contest site" link, my question is.. why does LL say the 9th, when the office contest says the 16th? Is the 9th when LL wants to know how many people want to partake.. or when the final costume must be designed by?

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Geez LL.  I want to give you guys credit for all your hard work.  But that's really difficult when you can't even announce a contest right.  Only 2 days to make an avatar for a contest?  This needed to be announced at least two weeks ago.

For a communications company, you have serious problems communicating, either telling things to us or hearing things from us. 

*EDIT*  I'm now being informed that the sponsors themselves gave LL only 2 days of notice.  Thus it's not LL's fault, and I withdraw my criticism of the lab for this.

However, may I suggest that whoever is in charge of LL promotion, require that any notice LL makes about contests be at least 10 days before the deadline?  It does neither LL nor the contest sponsor any good to publicize said event with an impossibly short time to join in on the fun. 

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