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Too bad the proportions, like 80% of Second Life, are grotesquely off. You look like a doll on stilts, desperately trying to be artistic and tasteful.

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This is a reply to the post above , this person has many looks within second life and this is just one , it is after all a FANTASY world , if you looked at more of her work you would see just that as in every image a woman who IS artistic and tasteful , to get judgemental over a second life image is ridiculous , second life is a place to be creative , have fun and meet new people , there are too many judgemental people in this virtual world who have taken this game to a new level LOL --- RELAX

Xiola Linden wrote:

Today's Second Life Pic of the day is "Washing Waves", from

To submit your image for Second Life Pic of the Day consideration, add it to the Official Second Life Flickr Group.

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Well said wirelessrouter. I was so shocked reading makaria's comment, I gasped in rl. How dare she. If she was of that opinion...well there are nice ways to offer advice. But in the end our photos are our art and its how we want them to be. 

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