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GLTF PBR Materials Viewer and Server Update

Kyle Linden


Today we are happy to announce a significant update for both the Second Life RC (release candidate) PBR Viewer and GLTF project server. For PBR materials to render correctly in Second Life, residents must use the latest versions listed below. 

  • Second Life RC viewer version ( or newer.

And be on supporting GLTF server regions named "Rumpus Room 1-4" 

  • Second Life server version (2023-09-28.6340659568) or newer.

GLTF PBR Materials efforts were slowed recently by a potentially costly issue. PBR Materials contain a great deal of new information which is stored in the objects that use these materials. When such objects are updated, and updates happen surprisingly often, the entire set of information about the object is transmitted.  The amount of data transmitted multiplied by the frequency of transmission adds up quickly. Reducing the amount of data transmitted required a change to the protocol used for sending this information.

Many thanks to one of our resident beta testers, animats (Joe Magarac), for spotting this issue and reporting it swiftly.

These changes will allow creators to make richer, more realistic objects in world, so we believe that the efforts involved will pay off, and that all residents will enjoy the results of these changes.

More GLTF PBR updates are on the way, please stay tuned!

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