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Viewer-Managed Marketplace Available on Aditi

Linden Lab


UPDATE 2.13.2015
An updated Viewer-Managed Marketplace project viewer is now available. Please see this forum post for a summary of changes.


The new Viewer-Managed Marketplace (VMM), now available* on Aditi, allows you to easily manage your inventory on the Second Life Marketplace using the Second Life Viewer. Items no longer need to be loaded into the Merchant Outbox or a Magic Box, and are instead sold directly from your inventory.

VMM will allow all Merchants to get off of Magic Boxes in addition to supporting modification of listing inventory directly from the Viewer. While Merchants will still need to go to the Marketplace web site in order to edit listings, they will be able to create listings and list or unlist them from the Viewer.

If you’d like to learn more about the new VMM feature and try it out, please view the FAQ on the wiki. We look forward to hearing your feedback and have created a VMM JIRA project to capture bugs and feature suggestions. For more information on how VMM works, see our Beta Knowledge Base article.

*NOTE: Currently, purchases will fail on Aditi. Since the bulk of the functionality for VMM is related to creating and modifying listings, we have made VMM available while we resolve the purchase problems. We will update this blog post when the issue is cleared.


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will this work for breedables? and how does this work for our creations? what part of the viewer will it be on...and for what revision of the FS viewer......? thanks

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it would be great if they could stop flagging gachas of the same type.. they are only allowing one of each listing now.. which means if a person wants four chairs.. they need to buy.. wait for me to put it back up.. wait... buy.. wait.....   i don't know what the lindens are thinking

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Let me resolve the above 3 posts a bit and clarify. What we really need and marketplace's biggest and longest running obstacle is the ability to sell multiple identical no copy no modify transfer only items. This covers virtually all breedables, animals, and babies and thier food and accessories.

Another problem i have never seen addressed is that even though you can set the quantity you want to purchase of an item in marketplace to more than one, it will only deliver one item at a time. so if you you wanted as summer mentioned, 4 chairs, even if the stock was there in place correctly using multiple magic boxes you have to re purchase each one 1 at a time.

In response to summer in the above post, your overthinking this. if you want to be able to stock 10 identical items then you would need 10 magic boxes with one of each induvidual item in each box, set quantity to 10 in marketplace and this works fine ( so there would be one chair in each box, one table in each box etc you can have as many magic boxes as your parcel can hold, just set the quantity to the amount you actually have in them ) except for occasional delivery failures because magic boxes and the sims they are on "go to sleep mode" when there is nobody on them. To solve that simply log an avi onto the land 24-7 and it stops the majority of magic box delivery issues. Some of us keep older computers running an alt avi on metabolt to do just that. This too is a major oversight and failure of the linden labs marketplace system causing multiple delivery failure issues and has been for years. Linden labs and computer system green thinking on sim operation transfers the cost to the user again, no suprise there i might add.

 This is one thing so many players do not understand about teleporting either. if theres 50 people on a sim and it's taking forever to teleport there, then chances are that's lag, but when there is NOBODY on a sim, your teleport is delayed by the servers cranking that sim back up from sleep mode. it can't teleport you to the sim until the sim is running normal (just like you starting up your computer) and the servers know the difference between a lsl scripted object (like a baby or an animal) and an avatar. When there are no avatars, the sim shuts down, including whatever is on it, even magic boxes. When it starts back up, along with the running of the sim, it also has to adjust everything on it for the time it was asleep, like animals and babies and living plants, and the time of day before it can let you on it.

Think of a magic box like you would a windows, linux or apple folder and it all begins to come clear. it is merely a container that stores items. When you have more than one of the same item, the second and third and so on gets numbered etc. so if you break it into separate folders or in this case magic boxes then you can stock more of one of each, this way you don't have to create multiple listings for the same item which is a linden no no. Since most people (logically) place magic boxes spread over an area each induvidual magic box has a different land location, the same as a subfolder has a different name. so separate magic boxes work like separate subfolders with the master folder being 'your inventory" and the item listings are linked to the product names. in your case, a chair, a table, a bear, a food etc. Same way a music player "links" to a song listing in a set of folders, the music folder contain albums in folders and the player links to the songs- the folders are a tree (or map to) that breaks them into induvidual areas. 

So if your music player goes to play a song on a external drive or flash drive thats shut off or not plugged in, it will not do it.  Same as a marketplace delivery will fail if the magic box is on a sim on a server that has gone to sleep, thus the delivery failure.

so in your case summer, rez 10 magic boxes, put one of each item in each box and then set the quantity in the listing to 10 and watch them sell. No multiple listings for the same item needed. when you sell one the quantity will drop to 9, 8 and so on. if you are going to be away for a long time then rez more magic boxes, fill them and set the quantity accordingly. This also works for animal foods and same name items that are trans only. With multiple magic boxes, the marketplace system searches all of them looking for the item with that exact name and then delivers it. if the item has a .1 or .2 after it, then it is a different item cause it has been renamed by being an exact duplicate in the same magic box or folder as the others.

As for the rest of this, especially those of you at linden labs.....

One particular animal which I will keep nameless has 27 food and another 30 ( maybe more and growing daily ) associated no copy no modify transfer only items that owners are allowed to resell. At one time for a store I ran, it took 40 magic boxes to stock enough items to keep from selling out in 24 hours. The people at Caspervend found a successful way to do this using object crc and file id hash code so it CAN be done and is being done in other virtual worlds using your own LSL coding.. Why can't you?

Purchasing items should also be able to be set more than 1 at a time as well. If i had 100 magic boxes that were selling 100 trans only hamburgers in them then someone should be able to purchas 50 or 60 of them in one shot, not 50 or 60 induvidual purchases and this also applies to copy/mod type items. marketplace has NEVER allowed the sale of more than one of anything at a time no matter how many you set to buy in the quantity box. once again this is your loss too and this has been this way for YEARS. if I want to buy 5 of the same dress then I should be able to set it to 5 and have 5 delivered and the appropriate amount removed from my account. This slows down process and this problem has been addressed and solved in other virtual worlds. Almost every other successful virtual world grid has solved problems we still have in secondlife using the very LSL codeing you invented.

Also, the 200 item marketplace limit needs to be increased. Some of us have more than 200 different items to sell, especially in the world of animals with different traits and levels. I can think of hundreds of clothing stores that have more than 200 creations that would just LOVE to be able to list them all but hey linden labs it's your commission, evidently you must not need it or this would have been addressed years ago as well. Think of all the money you could have made if this system was working the way it should.

For example, with the foods, there is flavor a, flavor b, flavor c, and so on. since it is all tranfer only we need the ability to stock multiples of those-- and can be summed as one listing each. It would be nice to stock 30 or 40 of flavor a or flavor b or c without having to use 30 or 40 magic boxes to do it, oh yeah-- that forces us to need more prims on our land so i guess you get it back somehow, However as I type this I could stock over 700 different animals because of fur, color, styles, traits and levels right now. but I cant since some of my listings have to be food and accessories and I can only put 200 listings up. it's your loss too.

And you wonder why your daily grid population keeps dropping, people are getting tired of waiting for something thats never been right to be fixed and this is only one of many things.

The existing merchant outbox will not work with these items. If you want to rid yourself and us from the magic boxes then the new system MUST be able to do no copy no modify transfer only items and not number "same" items when there are more than one in the same folder or magic box. Otherwiose this new system is no better than what we already have, it's just doing it a different way and those of us with trans only items will still be stuck with the magic box.

I personally have never been able to use the merchant outbox because everything I sell is no copy no mod trans only. I am a re-seller of animal items and if you look at the numbers my educated guess tells me that trans only items makes up over 60% maybe 70 or more of marketplace revenue.

If you remove the magic boxes then you will also be removing hundreds of thousands of merchants stuck with the magic boxes and literally closing us down in a fingersnap, not to mention a severe loss of your own revenue in commisssions.

Do your homework LLabs. This needs to be done and done well and should have been done years ago. You could save an amazing amount of BS and red tape if you would solve this once and for all. It's your code, change it and make this work.

And also: An official marketplace in world vendor needs to be addressed as well. this way we would not need a separate in world vendor for our inworld stores and all our stock would be in one place, easier to manage and track, easier to manage transaction history. Ideally a marketplace vandor would be locked to each item set for sale in marketplace and would not be able to be altered except by the owner and would only allow sales of thier own items.

Once again, it is your loss of commissions so it is up to you, however I am sure this would really piss off the people at hippo, caspervend and the other vendor systems but then again , that too would be a logical solution.........and think of the money you would make from it......do I have your attenetion yet?

I guess we will see sometime in February according to what I am reading here. All I can say is, this NEEDS to work and work correctly once and for all and like i say, hey LLabs, it's your commissions you have been losing all these years, not to mention those you have to pay to manage and mangle marketplace transaction failures.

I am an 8 year player on my 4th avatar. Marketplace has never been fully stable and these issues have limited it's success. We the people have found ways to make things work but its fiddly, time consuming and cumbersome at best and still has issues. it would be nice to finally see it actually working the way it should have been from the beginning. i would applaud such an action as would many, many thousand other second life residents.

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Since this new update happened, i noticed 4 times only on this morning, that customers got deliver an old item, that is not associated in MP with the prodct but only on my inventory, but has same name, and they got delivered that incorrect old item. for exmaple, on MP I sell a panda bear that is 18 LI, is correctly lsiten and associated to the correct box, but the customer got delivered an old box with a panda of 108 prims that wa son my inventory jsut with same name. I jsut hope that MP doesnt start taking whatever form inventory, because for an old seller with 300k items in inventory is jsut impossible to start checking this now one by one, and correct... Is anyone else having same issue?

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this entire system is to be honest a total mess, they dont make it any better but worse.

customers are getting almost empty boxes and we the shop owners getting bad review cause of this.

also the Listings is a total mess, when i am going to add  some items and want to remove ''Delete'' them after a while

it is not possible to Unlist the items again, the items keep listing in the ''Listed'' and not in the ''Unlisted'' and if you delete the

all of them items are still there when you want to add Related items into your products, they all show double

so Linden Lab do something about this quick.

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Aditi is the beta or test grid. The main grid is called Agni. You can choose where your viewer goes at login if you have multiple grids set in preferences. Some viewers will not do this, firestorm, Singularity and a few others will.

I totally agree on the old links though. I have over a hundred dead links still in the system from cats I sold last year. LLabs has never kept up with the cleaning and maintenance properly in here.  Anytime I try to use Quick Fill, I see things I sold ages ago. these need to be flushed on a weekly, maybe monthly basis or a way should be provided that we could do it ourselves.There are several other lacking features like links to social media on our stores and a lot more.

Marketplace is severly behind the times as are so many other things here. Worst part about it is some of this is available in other virtual worlds already.

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So with this new delivery system, all my items on mp will be delivered from my inventory which btw, sometimes fetches for forever on a bad day? As Mariana mentioned, I am an oldie and have many items the same name which have been upgraded to better, lower prims etc. How the heck will MP know what to deliver? By the sounds of the posts here it is already in effect? This is nuts to tell you the truth, all the hours I spent updating 1,500 items when the merchant outbox came out and now its changing AGAIN? I liked my old magic boxes, never had a problem with them. Always had 2 of each on diffrent sims so there were rare delivery problems.

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I watched the you tube vid of the office hour (or whatever they're called these days) and it appears that you have a system folder (like the current merchant out box) and in this you have folders for each item and each item folder can have sub folders and so you can use version control by renaming your folder to the latest version - which is one step up from the current marketplace where once you've sent it, it gets a bit difficult when you want to update.

I've not used it though so I could be completely wrong.  Only time will tell.




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