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  1. Well it is January 28, 2020 and some stuff of mine got delisted today. None of it makes sense, a wall decal that says p.s. i love you, all with my own fonts, why that wall decal and not the rest? Greeting cards that "I" designed yet I see greeting cards by other designer's who just copied a graphic online. Flowers in a pot, sculpted balloons I created with purchased textures. I just don't get it and fed up.
  2. Arwen Serpente some days I see duplicate transactions which might explain this. Last Tuesday I had stipends posted twice. After a few hours one of them went away. Not sure if LL made a mistake that day or if its part of my issue also. I filter every day for the previous day to see my sales then reset for today.
  3. When I use the filters, I can get different amounts for the same day. This is ticking me off because there is a difference between $5000L and $11000L and having 4 pages of sales versus 6 pages. This needs to be fixed soon
  4. So with this new delivery system, all my items on mp will be delivered from my inventory which btw, sometimes fetches for forever on a bad day? As Mariana mentioned, I am an oldie and have many items the same name which have been upgraded to better, lower prims etc. How the heck will MP know what to deliver? By the sounds of the posts here it is already in effect? This is nuts to tell you the truth, all the hours I spent updating 1,500 items when the merchant outbox came out and now its changing AGAIN? I liked my old magic boxes, never had a problem with them. Always had 2 of each on diffrent sims so there were rare delivery problems.
  5. Yup, I am getting many delivery failed and when I contact the customer, they did receive the item and this is crazy that I have to spend so much time every day checking and creating a new list for LL EVERY DAY!
  6. People have been waiting for a couple years to have greeting cards catagorized under events like Birthday, Wedding RezDay and WE NEED a Rezday occasion. It's a celebrated occassion as popular as Birthdays. Thank you!
  7. Too bad, if I had of known this a week ago or even earlier this week, I could of made sure to put it on my agenda. Unfortunately many of us even if we do not work real have busy schedules. This is an important meeting and I do understand why there was little notice. I hope as other's have said it is not done in voice as it will do me no good when I read the minutes. Hopefully I can be there, depends how my own appointments go in real.
  8. thank you CarpeDiem so much for your help, looks like VirWox is very busy with new customers today. It is finally in my paypal, Waited an hour or so!
  9. Loving, I too cashed out on Nov 30th. Then they changed the date to as long as exchange would be continued. I checked last night as I check everyday to make sure and I saw no notice it would be today. The notice I saw last night seemed to suggest to me that it would continue to Christmas. I never got notice till today when it was too late. I would of cashed out last night but there was no notice that it would be today. Now why I did not see it or if it was there I do not know. Either way, I was on top of things. I am complaining as I always have since this was announced from day one. I am talking about this should of never happened in the first place. Thanks to CarpeDiem Turbo, he has shown me how to use VirVox so I am ok now. It is LL's lose in the long run that everyone will go to an outside website.Many have been loosing sales since Marketplace, as you said LL has a way to take a good thing and mess it up.
  10. I tried them CapeDiem but got so confused. Willing to try again. Just need someone who has done it to help me out. Why bother with Linden Lab anymore, as everyone has said they do not care about their customer's. They do nothing but make it worst for us. The big joke is if you want to buy Lindens they treat you much better, that is always instant!!!!
  11. For those of us who have been cashing out on Xstreet for all these years and getting the instant cash outs, this is a real insult. Do not forget it is the merchants that keep Marketplace in business. Without us you are nothing! I am so fed up of getting total dissrespect in every way. Yes, we do make money and you do provide us the means to make the money but stop changing things and making new rules and making our lifes more difficult It is so damn easy to buy lindens, you make sure of that but this is absolutely NOT RIGHT! If anyone can give me names of outside websites to cash out please send me a message in-world?
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