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  1. Aditi is the beta or test grid. The main grid is called Agni. You can choose where your viewer goes at login if you have multiple grids set in preferences. Some viewers will not do this, firestorm, Singularity and a few others will. I totally agree on the old links though. I have over a hundred dead links still in the system from cats I sold last year. LLabs has never kept up with the cleaning and maintenance properly in here. Anytime I try to use Quick Fill, I see things I sold ages ago. these need to be flushed on a weekly, maybe monthly basis or a way should be provided that we could do it ourselves.There are several other lacking features like links to social media on our stores and a lot more. Marketplace is severly behind the times as are so many other things here. Worst part about it is some of this is available in other virtual worlds already.
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