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  1. this entire system is to be honest a total mess, they dont make it any better but worse. customers are getting almost empty boxes and we the shop owners getting bad review cause of this. also the Listings is a total mess, when i am going to add some items and want to remove ''Delete'' them after a while it is not possible to Unlist the items again, the items keep listing in the ''Listed'' and not in the ''Unlisted'' and if you delete the all of them items are still there when you want to add Related items into your products, they all show double so Linden Lab do something about this quick.
  2. You are right Tsuki and Ina rubber banding Prims if we are using Twist/Taper/Dimple/Radius/Position/Size/Rotation etcetera and Ina you are right too it takes days for a restarted region to show Online on Map...also if they are doing a restart the region might be offline for more than one hour, i have seen this a couple of times this week... and yep manny inventory faults..rez problems and also if someone wants to edit it on the ground..it does take a while before the Edit option appears.. i have never seen this kind of many issues all together at once in all those years i am on second life
  3. I have exactly the same issue since a couple of days now..never ever happend before..chat lag is really bad and not just that but also Popup menu's are working very slow and wearing items & detach items too, and rezzing deleting items inworld moving/resize objects and so on and on. i am using a very fast pc with a very fast Fiber Connection... this is going on directly after the Maintenance they did almost all my friends whom are all over the world have the same problems really it is so annoying
  4. Hello LL toke the region altaqualitas offline, the Region Estate owner didn't what to go further with it...but there are still many objects from us (tenants) on it..who bought a parcel there...so i wonder what LL is going to do we just want our stuff back
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