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Viewer Profiles: Everything old is new again!

Linden Lab


With our latest release we’d like to welcome back Viewer Profiles! The Second Life viewer has made the transition back to an integrated Profile floater. This is the place to find more information about any Resident including a bio, picks, and more!


Residents may still use web-based profiles in a web browser. However this change brings back a more responsive experience in the Viewer as well as giving you the information you’re most interested in seeing on the first page. 

As part of this change, Groups now moves to the main tab.  This change also means that hiding Groups no longer requires opening and viewing each one.  Just click on the eye next to the group to hide or show.  

A big thank you to the Firestorm Viewer team for your contribution!

How things have changed

The viewer Profile, as opposed to the web Profile, shows all of your Second Life Bio, Feed, Picks, Classifieds and Real Life bio when viewed by other residents logged in to Second Life.

The Feed will remain a web property displayed in the Profile floater in its own tab.

Interests are accessible on the old web Profiles but will no longer be included in the viewer Profile.

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