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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Strawberry Linden

"New store Inithium, the wonder child of the creators who brought the Sking bodies, has released a body for those of us who like some dramatic curves and some not so subtle bits and pieces. While very flexible, the body feels like an ode to those of us who have been craving a body focused on some TNA.  I’m still experimenting with slim shapes but the body will be released October 20th so you can give it a try yourselves." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

"NEW UPDATE Lelutka evo X 3.1 Only for : LILLY , FLEUR and RYN Lelutka Evolution. Let's try it together :D Remember every Lelutka Evolution will be updated soon. ELF ears animations ♥  Get some Free skin and free Elf earrings for this new head. NUEVA Actualización de Lelutka versión 3.1" Click to watch the video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

Virtual Bloke - 12.jpg

"After the incredible runaway success of their Kupra body, Inithium have spent months working on a new male mesh body, which goes on general release on Thursday November 18th. I was lucky enough to get into the limited 500-person pre-order list, picked up the demo on 11th November, and on the 12th I made it into the pre-order location to buy the full version." Read more on the blog.

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