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  1. Hello, and I'm always looking for new friends
  2. Don't know if you are still looking for a sister but I've been in SL since 2010 I am looking for family and friends I have been away for some years and lost the family I had so I am looking to find a new one if you are interested feel free to contact me to learn more
  3. I'm Lia Sharpshire and I've been in Sl for many years and well I've loved exploring the many sims they have I still haven't seen everything hehe but I've tried different things like vampire clans and motorcycle clubs but I love to just go window shopping the most and dancing at clubs I did leave for some years and just returned a month ago so now I'm looking for new things to do and new friends
  4. Hello I'm Lia and I've been in Sl for going on 9 yrs I went away for some years but came back and I'm looking for new friends I can hang out with and enjoy times on SL. I'm also looking for a family Mom and Dad and maybe some siblings I am a grown avatar, not a kid so I hope that's ok. If you are interested please reply and contact me. Thank you :)
  5. Its a club i use to work at that is hiring noobs and underage avatars..how do i report this?
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