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  1. Looking for a manager with some experience in management in Second Life. My Hangout spot is a very chill environment and looking to host game nights, parties, discussions and more. Send a notecard to me in-world if interested. Also, i'm a youtuber so i tend to often be unavailable , if you cannot reach me, please contact my assistant who can be found on my profile in-world. Looking forward to hearing from ya! xoxo Lexy Nexen
  2. Also, not everyone who arrives to your sim arrives intentionally. Sometimes they had a different landmark saved from a place that use to exist there.
  3. Hi friends! My sister and I love to explore Second Life, go shopping, take fun themed photos, have slumber parties, go camping and pretty much any other seasonal activities! In Second Life, I am a youtube vlogger with almost 2k in subscribers so I tend to spend a chunk of my time working on my videos. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my SL sister and do fun things together! My sister Aer, loves to do art and attend live music events, she really enjoys playing games and meeting new people online! We are seeking a third sister to join the fun! We would prefer someone who plays Second
  4. Hello again Forums! My current personal assistant has taken a step back from SL to attend to her RL for a while. I am now seeking a temp during her absence who will assist me with my day to day schedule and other errands. I would prefer that my assistant be at least 1 year old in second life and have been active the entire year. REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to communicate efficiently and grammatically correct when speaking with my contacts. Must be familiar with the use of Gmail. Must be familiar with the use of Youtube. Must be familiar with the use of Face
  5. Alex is indeed the hostess with the mostess
  6. Hi, my name is Lexy Nexen and I am seeking a sister or sisters to do fun things with! I am a youtube vlogger so a few days of the week are spent recording and editing my videos. Besides that, I love to shop, explore seasonal sims (ex: beaches in the summer, skiing sims in the winter, pumpkin patches in the fall, etc), play board games such as greedy, skippo, uno, cards against humanity and also beer pong, Russian roulette, bowling and more. I am partnered in world and both my partner and I enjoy hanging around a lot of people so you will never feel like a third wheel. I am very laid back and p
  7. Hi, my name is Lexy Nexen and I am seeking a trust worthy P.A. I'm a Youtube vlogger, club owner and currently working on a gacha resell store on marketplace. The position would include various tasks in helping me get my daily to-do lists checked off. You must be familiar with the use of Gmail, Facebook, Youtube and Plurk as well as other social media sites. You must be able to draft well written notecards inworld and be able to communicate efficiently with others. You must be able to execute such tasks in a timely manner. Preferably, I would like to have someone that spends a large quantity
  8. Do you have plans after high school? Are you already enrolled in college and looking for a sisterhood to call family? The Ivy League would love to have you! We are brand new and are trying to break the mold of the typical SL sororities. If you are fun, outgoing and get along great with other girls, then this is the one for you. Ages 18+ welcome to join. Contact Spanishchica Bellic or Lexy Nexen for more info. Take a tour of our 11 bedroom sorority house whenever you like!
  9. Shooting a short commercial type film for new sorority and would need some girls to do activities within the sorority house. Activities would be dancing, chatting, cooking, yoga, playing games, etc etc. Looking for fun girls with outgoing personalities. I tend to use voice to give directions while recording, so must be able to hear voice. Shoot me a NC with username if interested.
  10. We would love to hear from you Moody! Not sure if vella saw this or if you've spoken to her already You sound super fun!
  11. And also to add to Saul's answer, you must have the ability to host events on the Land in which the event is being held. Usually this is done by having specific permission in the group of which the Land is deeded to. If the land is owned by you, this should not be a problem.
  12. I would suggest contacting the creator of the HUD. Since they've created the HUD, I would assume they would be the one to tell you how to go about downloading your creation and make it come to life in world. Right click your HUD > Edit > Creator's name should be listed. I would suggest sending them a notecard since IMs often get capped.
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