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  1. I used to watch the Olympics but lately with all the use of performance enhancing drugs and transwomen competing against women, I just lost interest. And then the beating of a horse when it refused to perform. Honestly the Olympics can kiss it. hard.
  2. omg its been ages since i saw this!
  3. And transfer. I liked being able to send my ugly alt gacha clothing.
  4. I think I'm gonna relog right now.
  5. A real answer would be that I still love love love exploring SL and making "virtual spaces". aka decorating. It prevents me from spending on stuff for my real place! And it was great to have SL (and Sansar) for that during our long lockdown period, which also included an 8PM curfew. But the pose balls... now those are special.
  6. Solar Legion passive aggressively laughing at my posts again. I SEE WHAT YOURE DOING
  7. No. You're wrong. Title of thread: SL not so welcoming to new residents My post: SL not so welcoming to old residents either. I have a feeling you're getting defensive, if you have a closed sim, you have every right to. But don't call it "welcoming". Because it's only that to those on a list who fit a certain criteria.
  8. I agree with you to an extent, but if all they do is fixes, thats not going to hold peoples interest.they need new festures
  9. People brag in their profiles already. Would having a virtual badge make some people swagger? Probably. But to others it could be either just a fun goal to aspire to, or a way to easily spot likeminded people in world without having to read all about their sl families or current biker gang affiliations in their profiles. Anyway to each their own, I think making it optional would be good for people who have strongly negative feelings about it.
  10. Access rules that keep a lot of people out. I know its common. I know everyone has a right to ban. But its still not welcoming to any account of any age who isnt on an access list. Which was my point. Did I veer slightly off topic? Maybe. But I wanted to share my similar experience as an older resident who still faces the same kind of thing. Keeping people out of a place means youre not "welcoming" them in.
  11. I brought it up as an example of how regions of sl can be unwelcoming regardless of account age, on top of regions that are already banning on age alone.
  12. Yeah but that was a system based on other residents rating you. Which is pretty different. People neg rated to get people banned etc
  13. A wrong example of what? A lot of booting/banning goes on in sl regardless of whether or not youre a newbie. Sometimes all it takes is having a cooter! The other stuff you said i agree with, people have a right to do what they want with their land. But it doesnt always make for a welcoming experiencs for new people.
  14. Ive been in sl since 2003 and I agree with the OP to a point. A few years ago I was banned from a sim for being female. Im not sure if it was just my avatar or if they looked in my rl profile but my vag and i were swiftly booted! Along with that, some of the roleplaying sims are off limits and yeah theres definitely a lot of people who assume new accounts are griffers. That being said, theres so many other places to explore, so I hope you stick around.
  15. I use it all the time. I'm not a gamer, so maybe the implications of a badge are lost on me. Levelling up isnt possible in SL so im obviously missing something. It seems to be they would just be quick little visual indicators of your interest levels in something, which could spark convos. Shrug.
  16. I think Palm Springs has the best examples of midcentury modern architecture. From homes to libraries, gas stations, grocery stores. Palm Springs takes midcentury modern SERIOUSLY.
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