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  1. Not if the seller doesn't litterally say so. You can USE the templates, but you can't sell them on. why? because there are copyrights.... Ofcourse it's legal to use them, they would be pretty useless if that wasn't the case. But that wasn't the question.... What if the buyer changes 1 pixel and sells it on as their own template...call me crazy, but that is the beginning of a grey area if you ask me.
  2. There is a plugin for 3d max, it is called "primcomposer". In a way it works (I think) LIKE a copybot...it intercepts the data traffic, but will only allow you to do it with your own items. It should work fine, but I just read you need a 3rd party viewer for it and I am pretty sure in the past only the official Lindenviewer worked with it. This could mean LL isn't happy with this tool at all. Anyway, it works two ways, you can import and export between max and SL... All I can find is a mirror site and a short forum thread, it looks like Shack Dougal, the creator, quit. Anyway....there are mi
  3. Morgaine Christensen wrote: But, it seems to me there are only so many ways of doing things in SL before you start getting overlaps of ideas EVEN if folks have never seen the work of others to be influenced by or make derivatives of. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, 99.99% of everything new and creative and original is influenced by some other things. That's how progress works, take what's available, give your own spin to it and improve it. I wouldn't worry about being one of 99.99%. Morgaine Christensen wrote: So, if you study art of the Medieval Period (or any clothing
  4. Josh Susanto wrote: Meanwhile, the mesh I've seen actually rezzes more slowly than I should expect from sculpt equivalents. Hmmm, that's the opposite of what I've experienced. Sculpt rezzing is often very slow, if they rezz in the first place. It might depend on what you consider a "sculpt equivalent" though. Is that a sculpt equivalent in looks? or in triangles? or in prim cost? I would compare looks, with the same or similair looks the amount of faces to render is always equal or less in a mesh. Whether this is the case for initial rezzing I don't know. Texturewise you can't even comp
  5. Didn't you see the video? That looks like cell shading, whether it's how it's done for movies or not..... I won't get involved in a discussion about a word, all I can say it looks great Loki...especially the first one in the vid.
  6. Chosen Few wrote: To upload mesh models, she'll need to be using Viewer 3. To be able to see mesh models, people need to be using Viewer 2 or above. Not everyone in SL is using the 2.x-based viewer yet. Some third party viewers are still using the 1.x codebase. Nobody using those viewers can see mesh objects, just prims and sculpties. It doesn't happen very often, but you have to be corrected here. Henri Beauchamp has taken the monumental task upon him to extract all the mesh code from V2 and mold, squish and fold it into his V1 based Coolviewer. He offers the code to others, so
  7. Make sure your rotation and scale are correct, but going by your description you already did that. I had the very same thing two days ago. Nothing wrong with my physical model, showed correct in the uploader, but was closed inworld. If I'm not mistaken "analyze" showed the closed thing aswell, very strange. I do not know what caused it, but I do know that when I made a new physical shape from scratch, rather than copying a quad from one of the lods and building it from that, it worked. A doorframe isn't that hard to make, so I'd try a fresh physical shape.
  8. Josh Susanto wrote: I'm pretty sure that LL owns it unless there's an earlier claim to the data or similar data outside SL. If you load a texture, you give it to LL and they license it back to you. TOS 7.1: You retain any and all Intellectual Property Rights you already hold under applicable law in Content you upload, publish, and submit to or through the Servers, Websites, and other areas of the Service, subject to the rights, licenses, and other terms of this Agreement, including any underlying rights of other users or Linden Lab in Content that you may use or modify. You nee
  9. and in max you align the pivot to world.
  10. 3dsmax is very suitable for creating meshes. There are a couple of things to consider though: Not in the last place the fact as far as I know there are no reasily available SL skeletons for max around. I don't rig my meshes, so I'm not sure. Are you familiair with max and not with blender? That could be a good reason to use max, since a 3d program isn't easily mastered. Then again, if you know how "a" 3d program works, it's easier to learn the next. (but some things will be really confusing probably) The program that's used by most SL builders is Blender, since it's free and does about eve
  11. BrentStabler wrote: 1. right now I am making a sculpty fence - let say there are two posts for every 10 meters. When I try to change the number of repeats per meter, etc., nothing happens. If I make the size of the object 20 meters, there are still only two posts instead of 4 - how do I change repeats per meter and/or repeats for face. I'm not quite sure, but what i make of it is this: you are trying to get the shape to repeat by using the "repeats per meter" dial in the edit menu. That is for texture repeats, not for the sculpt shape. If you want more posts, copy the fence, tha
  12. Gaia Clary wrote: hi, all. Sorry to come in late. I did not read all the details and also i have no knowledge about Maya. But i can tell that weird distortions with "legs up in the sky" and/or completely deformed meshes can be easily produced with Blender by adding a rotation to the character (for blenderers: rotation in object-mode). Clearing any rotation before exporting to Collada typically resolves this problem. Maybe a similar thing needs to be done with Maya ? Kind of crossed my mind, since it also gives weird problems with UNrigged meshes. The rotation is in the collada file, do
  13. Never rigged a single thing in my life, but I am a well skilled 3d modeller and I didn't understand at all what your problem was. People DO try to help here. I have found solutions directly or indirectly many many times here. But there needs to be a well defined problem before there ever will be a satisfactory answer. I'm glad you figured it out, honestly, I am only saying the way you tried to get help won't get you any help. EDIT.. I see you posted your very incomplete problem again. Posts like that won't help you, you experienced that yourself. If you post what you DID and what you got
  14. I think I know why nobody was able to help you, but I'm not going to tell you, you can probably imagine it.
  15. Still slow I guess... looking from the "top", as you would see the leaf most of the time, the outer one wouldn't be affected by the inner one, ok. But the different leaves would still affect eachother right? or is the sorting always correct if all outer leaves have one shared texture ID (SL face)?
  16. I must be slow, but how is setting a fixed number on the sorting ever going to fix a whole lot? it will fix things from one angle, but it will make it worse from all others..always showing the wrong one instead of sometimes..am I missing something?
  17. Go forth and multiply..or did you mean third?
  18. To be honest it hasn't happened to me either...hehe But I read (sorry forgot where, but recently on the mesh forum for sure) that adding scripts adds a multiplier to the server costs of a mesh, which makes sense. The server cost of a box isn't that big ofcourse so one would probably not notice it in land impact. The landimpact not going up by stretching the object doesn't make sense to me, but this could also be because of the simplicity of the object. I'm not curious enough to do extensive testing on this, so I hguess I'll never know the details unless someone posts them:) Still 24 landimpa
  19. Braydon Randt wrote: its difficult to describe without appearing to be condesending 101, Yes that's how a step by step guide works, but it's the best way to check what went wrong aswell
  20. Okok, not baking:) "making a dedicated texture" for the object rather than preparing all sides for any given texture you have inside of SL. Both have their advantages, but the one I described (and you aswell in that last reply) makes it more "SL prim like"...and as I said I think this is what Twiddle is after. Anyway, I think it would be helpful if you could describe how to do this in Blender in a step by step manner, or maybe point out some tutorial.
  21. Since you seem to know your Blender...maybe a routine for 8 different texture/UV maps for all planes (instead of one that has to be baked) would be helpful. That would make it a really useful object and I think it's what Twiddle is after. Not that hard to make, but I really wouldn't know how in Blender....
  22. I'm no blender expert by any means, but I recall something about having to apply the textures in Blender rather than just mapping them is needed for a good export. I'm sure somebody knows how this exactly works, it's all I can think of from the top of my head. Looks like there are no textures applied in your model...
  23. Or "normal prim" builds and especially sculpties for that matter:) ..this comes in all shapes and sizes, but with the mesh as a builder you really have control over it.
  24. Ashasekayi Ra wrote: someone mentioned not using the marketplace as a comparison. That was me, I ment don't take what you see on the marketplace as your norm. If you can justify the high polycount on an item I will be the last person telling you to redo that object. In fact I'm having a long one post a day discussion about this with Chosen, who is is more into the low poly building than I am. A lot of things on the marketplace are simply not well built, no matter how much resources they take.
  25. No you don't have to attach and detach in max, although this trick solves a lot of little pains quite easily, very true. All you have to do is assign one of the materials used in your model to your physical shape and it's fine. As far as max is concerned you end up with the exact same thing.
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