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  1. Looking at the video in the other topic on this ( http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Additional-bones-joints-possible/td-p/1087487 ) I would say it seems like it is, or at least was possible, though I've not the slightest clue how you'd make an animation with a new bone in it, that would be my only problem (don't know if you can create .bvh animations out of blender or another program like that somehow would be nice if you could). However as someone else pointed out the movement in that video is limited, still it's not so limited that you couldn't use it for a few things, particularly jaws if done right.
  2. It's really tricky to animate a jaw without a extra bone, from what it looks like you're doing there I see problems if an animation makes the head rotate on the z axis to any degree because it will leave the lower jaw behind. Not sure if/when extra bones for mesh will be possible (and I've not the first clue how one would make animations for them) but once they are then that will make things like this and other more impressive stuff far easier to get right.
  3. Please someone tell me this actually works and explain how to make animations with these new bones. This has me more excited than anything if you can actually do this.
  4. Hi, OP again, I managed to resolve the issue myself since the last post I made, found out importing the Collada back into blender that the UV map wasn't saving right, so I'd saved it as a .blend and then exported it again and that for some reason fixed it. Originally it was so simple to make I'd never bothered to save it as a .blend just finished what I'd wanted and then exported straight to .dae, and apparently the UV map didn't like this much. I didn't have to mark any seams I didn't want to, I wanted it to be as simple as I could in the end to apply a texture to just as you would a regular prim, which fortunately is what I ended up with.
  5. The normals are all facing the right way and there is technically only a single UV texture when I look at the list of UV textures in the Object Data. As far as I'm aware I've done everything right unless there's some extra step between unwrapping the UV and applying it that I don't know about.
  6. I have unwrapped the UVs, I did UVs for the different faces, I'm using blender 2.59. All I did was create a Cylinder mesh and reduce the vertexes per loop down to 6 to get a perfect hex shape, had it cap the ends and then created materials for each face I wanted. Here are pictures of how I did the UVs. Top and Bottom UVs look like this And Each side has a UV that looks like this
  7. Okay here's what I have, a friend of mine wanted a physics accurate hexagon prisim mesh with accurate physics that only had a prim equivelent of 1 (I suggested sculptie but he wanted the physics to work right). So I made the simple mesh, and took the extra step to give each of the 8 faces a different material for textures. Not something that was requested, but an added touch that I thought was nice. Now all the faces work right, everything looks good, until I try and put a real texture on the face. It's not actually mapping the entire texture, all I'm getting is random colors from the mesh, like it's mapping a single pixel from the texture over the entire face or something. In the image below you can see what I'm looking at, I've selected the "top" face and applied a black and yellow checkerboard texture to the mesh, but no matter what I set the repeats to the face is either all black, or all yellow, even if I take the repeats up into the 100s. If anyone wants I can send the Collada file to them to figure out what I did wrong.
  8. I've actually got a question related to this because I'm trying to do something roughly akin to what this person is doing, single object, multiple UV maps as different faces in world. Would someone please explain "material indexes" so I can get this right?
  9. Okay, first, thank you to everyone who responded. As conflicting as some of the answers have been there is some useful information. For the record I was just using the sword as an example, one I figured at least some of the community would be familiar with, not something I intend to make. I do realize technically this is a question of legality and really only someone versed in DMCA law could answer definitevly but still thanks for the answers everyone.
  10. Okay since LL is obviously making it a point with that silly little IP tutorial to make people worry about copyright and DMCA with mesh (and at least for me, confuse me more) I suppose I should ask a few questions and hope that I don't make any mistakes that get me into trouble. Obviously there are a ton of things in SL that probably do violiate copyright that LL isn't really concerned with enforcing. Just search nearly any popular video game and you'll find avis for the characters and more (and lets not get started with things like star wars, I mean the droid phones had to pay Lucas Arts just to use the word "Droid" on their products). Now personally I don't want to rely on LLs lazyness, especially since eventually they might get their act together (not likely but yea). So what exactly is the best way to walk around this line, is there a legal way to do something that is "inspired by" something but not actually infringing on copyright? Can you legally say it's insipired by x? or do you just have to leave people to figure that out? Where exactly are the lines drawn on this? For example say I wanted to make a mesh version of the master's sword from Legend of Zelda, obviously if I make something that looks exactly like it I'm infringing upon copyright, but if I make some changes to say the shape of the quillons and the pommel and alter the tri-force emblem on the blade then is that okay? and if it is can I still sell it as "inspired by the master sword from legend of zelda"? or is just mentioning it's based on copyrighted material something that could warrant action from LL? As I said earlier really the IP quiz thing only caused more confusion on this issue for me so I'd really appreciate someone making it clear.
  11. Does no one have any useful advice, suggestions, tips, anything for actually fixing my problem? Anyone? Please? I've tried everything I can think of but it's just not exporting the mesh right.
  12. Well I put up a post on blenderartist forums early this morning, but thus far no reply. Anyone got any serious suggestions I can try. I've tried exporting the .blend to .dae and then re-importing the .dae right back into blender and the parts I ran the decimate on are still missing, cant even find them if I go looking in the .dae just to see if they're somehow invisible. I'm willing to try the shot in the dark stuff because I wasn't smart enough to make a backup after I did the retopo and weight paint, and I really really don't want to do all that over again.
  13. I have the polys set to one sided, I hit the recalculate outside button while all the verticies were selected so that even if it did it wrong, it'd at least make all the normals on the mesh face the same direction, then hit the flip normals button a few times just to check everything was facing the right way. Given the contour of the shape if the normals are the wrong way it's immediately obvious.
  14. Like I said, I tried to adjust the normals, and to change the materials, neither of those worked. SL still accounts for the verticies when I upload, but they're not visible. Even if I export it to DAE and then import it back into blender they're missing, so it's something in the export proccess that's making them vanish.
  15. I'm using blender 2.59 right now and I found a mesh I was working with was way to high in poly count, so I ran a decimate modifier on parts of it and now all the areas that I ran the decimate modifier on have vanished, they are no longer visible outside of blender. I can still see and edit and manipulate them in blender, but as soon as I export to DAE, they disappear on me. Anyone know why this is? And more importantly how I can make them visible again? I've tried messing with materials and normals but neither have worked, I'm still kind of new to mesh so I don't know what else to try.
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